About “hittin’around”

hittin_around_rdcdQ : What is hittin’around ?

We have invented the GAME of hittin’around so you can easily buid your music playlists while having fun.

Q :How do you play this game ?

To start a round of hittin’around, you select a song of whatever year and whatever genre BUT that has entered the charts in your country.

Starting with this song, you have to compose a playlist of TWELVE HIT SONGS, streamable on the major services (Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, etc..).

Q : So far, it sounds pretty easy. What else?

A : Easy, yes but no! You need a “link” from one song to the next (a “link” being a common word in the title, same artist, same title but different song, same writer or writers, etc.).

BUT A “link” can only be used once in a list EXCEPT IF every song of your playlist contains the same word

AND (the most difficult part)the twelth song has to be 1/ EITHER the first song but performed by somebody else 2/ OR the artist performing the first song but with another hit

Q : Interesting! Can anyone play this game?

A : Sure : hittin’around is fun and makes you discover great music you can buy afterwards. More you can play alone or with friends, family, office co-workers,… You can compete with two playlists or build one playlist alternatively.

Q : If I am really good at it, can I send you the results?

A : If you are really proud of one (or more) of your playlists, you send said lists to this address.
If approved, it will be “published” with your name attached … but, no! you do not win a toaster. Dont even ask!