Aretha Franklin ‘s ‘Sparkle’

Aretha Franklin ‘s ‘Sparkle’ is her twenty-fourth studio album (featuring the music of the eponymous movie), written and produced by Curtis Mayfield and released on May 27, 1976 by Atlantic.


Track Listing : 1.Sparkle (Curtis Mayfield) – 04:13 . 2.Something He Can Feel (Curtis Mayfield) – 06:21 . 3.Hooked On Your Love (Curtis Mayfield) – 05:00 . 4.Look Into Your Heart (Curtis Mayfield) – 04:04 . 5.I Get High (Curtis Mayfield) – 04:11 . 6.Jump (Curtis Mayfield) – 02:19 . 7.Loving You Baby (Curtis Mayfield) – 03:48 . 8.Rock With Me (Curtis Mayfield) – 03:11

Musicians : Aretha Franklin – Piano, Vocals . Kitty Haywood Singers – Vocals (Background)

Production : Produced By Curtis Mayfield . Curtis Mayfield, Rich Tufo . Roger Anfinsen – Engineer

Arrangements : Curtis Mayfield, Rich Tufo

Package : Bob Defrin – Art Direction . Sam Emerson – Photography . David Nathan – Liner Notes

Recorded April–May, 1976 At Curtom Studios (Chicago, Illinois).

Released On May 27, 1976 By Atlantic.

Aretha Franklin


Rolling Stone
The most satisfying aspect of the spectacular vocal performances that dominate the album is Mayfield’s channeling of their energy. Aretha has always sung with passion, but here, due no doubt to the producer’s directions, the passion rises and falls along carefully plotted curves. […]

hecklerspray @ RateYourMusic
Well, it’s no Super Fly, but this pairing of Curtis Mayfield songs and Aretha Franklin‘s voice works pretty well. This has “Something He Can Feel” which was a pretty big hitand is perfect for Aretha. […]

Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
I don’t see why this was considered such a comeback; her voice is great, as always, but the production is facelessand the songs start to blend together after a while. […]


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