Azerbaijani Mugham

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Mugamradio : The Sufis music in Azerbaijan was closely connected with the art of mugam. The modes, rhythms and information of mugam, as well as the culmination of characters influenced the Sufi music. The medieval scientists played a great role in the development of Azerbaijan’s mugam science and art of mugam in the 13-14th centuries.

Principles of Azerbaijan Folk Music : Amongst all the Middle Eastern peoples the mugam “Rast” has one structure, and one pitch of tonic. This tonic is sol of minor octave. The following comparison shows that the tone we call sol of minor octave, referred to the pitch of the “Rast” mode even in antiquity.

Aga Khan Trust for Culture : Fargana Qasimova’s talent gravitated naturally toward the music she heard from her father: Azerbaijani classical music, known as mugham, and the repertory of popular bardic songs sung by ashiqs – singer-songwriters who accompany themselves on the saz (a strummed long-necked lute).

The ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic : Bahram Mansurov was a tar player and a popular artist of Azerbaijan 1978. Since 1929 he has been a soloist of the Azerbaijan State Oriental Orchestra later of the Orchestra of Folklore Musical Instruments of the Azerbaijan Radio and the Azerbaijan State Philarmonic Society.

Azerbaijan International : Despite these prohibitions, by the 1950s, a new jazz movement began to emerge in Azerbaijan which came to be known as “jazz mugam” or “mugam jazz” (whichever term you prefer). Its origins were in Baku; its brain child, Vagif Mustafazade.

Amazon : I have spent many evenings mesmerized by truly incredible performances during my years as a musician and music lover. But rarely have I been as moved and transfixed as an evening I spent at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago two and a half years ago, when I was privileged so see one of Alim Qasimov’s first performances in the US.

Mondomix : Hâji Bâbâ Huseynov is today the last representative of the old generation of “Azeri Mugam” performers. He is also credited with having saved from oblivion a great number of “tensif” which have since become classics of their kind. He also composed some 300 “ghazal”.

Ramiz Guliyev on Facebook : Ramiz Guliyev (1947-) is director of the Folk Instrument department of the Academy of Music and an extraordinarily superb tar player perhaps, the greatest Azerbaijan has ever known. He tours abroad quite frequently these days. He has written several books on the technique of tar playing.