Aziza Brahim – Soutak

Released on February 10, 2014, Soutak (‘Your Voice’) is the third album by Western Saharawi singer Aziza Brahim.



Track Listing : 1.Gdeim Izik (Aziza Brahim) – 06:08 . 2.Julud (Aziza Brahim) – 03:36 . 3.Espejismos (Aziza Brahim) – 04:37 . 4.Lagi (Aziza Brahim) – 05:53 . 5.Aradana (Aziza Brahim) – 02:59 . 6.Soutak (Aziza Brahim) – 03:44 . 7.La Palabra (Aziza Brahim) – 05:01 . 8.Manos Enemigas (Aziza Brahim) – 04:29 . 9.Ya Watani (Aziza Brahim) – 06:18

Musicians : Aziza Brahim – Acoustic Rhythm Guita, Tabal, Vocals . Nico Roca – Percussion . Guillem Aguilar – Bass . Kalilou Sangare – Acoustic Lead Guitar . Badra Abdallahe – Backing Voice

Production : Produced By Chris Eckman

Recorded June 2013 At Barcelona.

Released On February 10, 2014 By Glitterbeat.
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music OMH
The album reflects the sadness and frustration of a people denied but, delivered with such indefatigable intent and rich beauty, also contains seeds of hope and glimmers of optimism that will never be fully extinguished.

Think Africa Press
At times, Soutak is as beautifully sparse as the landscape it represents. The tabal, a large hand drum, provides the only instrumental backing. More frequently, however, Soutak takes on a subtle lushness that brings together licks of the Spanish guitar with Malian-style desert blues.




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