Bailaoras Flamencas

Featuring Manuela Carrasco . Por Soleá . Carmen Amaya . Flamenco Potpourri . Matilde Coral . Por Romeras . Tempestad . Flamenco . Eva La Yerbabuena . Seguirilla . Mercedes Ruiz . Gabriella Aliberti . Maja Flores . Belén López . Ana Belén Ruiz . Sara Baras . Pilar Ogalla . Gabriela La Canela . Rocio Cabonell . La Tati . Por Bulerias . Mariya Tarakanova . Por Alegría . Silvia Moreno . Enrique Morente : Underneath all the dazzling aesthetics, cante and guitar act as guide, inspiration and raison d’être of corporal expression – the dancer and the song are comrades in battle. : In fact, apart from some of the percussive foot movements found in the Moroccan Shikhate, there is almost no similarity between flamenco and Middle Eastern dance. Even the open-knee hip movements of flamenco are attributed to the African influence from the colonies and/or Indian dance.

Flamenco on Wikipedia : “Flamenco nuevo” is the new wave in flamenco, characterized by pared-down costumes (the men often dance bare-chested, and the women in plain jersey dresses). Props such as castanets, fans and shawls are rarely, if ever, used. Dances are choreographed and include influences from other dance styles.

Spanish Fiestas : Individual genres include the light bulerías; the more serious soleares and its lighter descendant, the alegrías; the fandangos grandes, a serious adaptation of a lighter non-Gypsy genre; the malagueñas, an offshoot of the fandangos; and cantos grandes such as the siguiriyas gitanas and saetas.

Manuela Carrasco : At the age of thirteen Manuela Carrasco undertook a two-year tour of Europe (against the wishes of her parents) with the flamenco company of Curro Velez, and from then on her career snowballed.

Omayra Amaya : Carmen Amaya made films in Hollywood, appeared on Broadway, danced for Roosevelt and Churchill, and toured the world–often accompanied by the great guitar virtuoso, Sabicas. …. Throughout most of her performing life, her huge company was made up almost entirely of her extended family, and they traveled together in the traditional Gypsy way, sharing their luck as well as their hardships

Eva La Yerbabuena : The maestra – and long life to the mother who gave birth to her, if you’ll forgive the expression – gave the Bienal four moments for eternity, but also gave us a pause for thought: our praise should not be for those in search of acrobatic or circus-like formulas – it should recognize commitment to discover and present historic truths.

don Quijote : In 1997 Sara Baras presented her own troupe to critical and public acclaim at the close of the 37th Cante de las Minas National Flamenco Festival. On April 2, 1998, with her own company made up of herself, seven dancers and seven musicians, Sara launched the show called Sensaciones. Sensaciones is not conventional theatre; it is an exploration of the various forms of flamenco.

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