Beijing Opera

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Beijing Opera : Although it is called Beijing Opera, its origins are not in Beijing but in the Chinese provinces of Anhui and Hubei. Beijing Opera got its two main melodies, Xi_Pi and Er_Huang, from Anhui and Hubei operas. It then absorbed music and arias from other operas and musical arts in China.

World Digital Library ( : In the Qing dynasty, an Office of Great Peace was established to manage the court dramatic troupe. When seasonal command performances and congratulatory ceremonies were held, this office was responsible for putting on plays.

Wikipedia : Beijing opera performers utilize four main skills. The first two are song and speech. The third is dance-acting. This includes pure dance, pantomime, and all other types of dance. The final skill is combat, which includes both acrobatics and fighting with all manner of weaponry. All of these skills are expected to be performed effortlessly, in keeping with the spirit of the art form

Gustavo Thomas Theatre : The Beijing Opera School opened in 1957 after the proclamation of the Popular Republic of China; before that there were no schools like that, only houses of teaching lead by great masters (almost always former stage stars) who took care of some children’s acting career for many years, sometimes for the actor’s whole life. : Painted face often refers to male characters with unique appearance or personality, such as Baozheng and Caocao. Besides, Chou is a comic role or villainous character or righteous person. The actor’s nose is painted by a piece of white powder, making him or her easily recognizable.

The Development of Beijing OperaDuring the Cultural Revolution in China : At the onset of the Cultural Revolution, Party policy emphasized reform of contemporary themes in Beijing opera. This emphasis lead to the East China Drama Learning Festival held in Shanghai from December 25, 1963 to January 22, 1964. The Festival of B eijing Opera on Contemporary Themes, held in Beijing also took place in 1964.

Chinavoc : Recent surveys show there are 368 different forms of opera throughout the country. Eath variety takes its name from the place where it originated and is popular. The use of local dialects and unique melidies distinguish the different types of opera. Among the best known forms are Beijing Opera (actually a national form), Pingju (popular in the north), Shaoxing opera (popular in Zhejing Province and Shanghai), Yuju (a kind of Henan Opera), Kunqu (Kunshan Opera, popular mainly in Jiangsu Province), Qinqiang (Shaanxi Opera), Chuanju (Sichuan Opera), Hanju (Hubei Opera), and Yueju (Guangzhou Opera).

The Monkey Journey To The West : Hewlett and Albarn worked alongside the BBC to adapt ‘Journey to the West’, an epic quest for enlightenment, into the Olympic trail and titles. The London based pair developed the animation and music especially for the BBC. The campaign will feature the characters of Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy using Olympic sports on their journey to Beijing and the Bird’s Nest stadium.

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