Chick Corea’s ‘Three Quartets’

Chick Corea’s ‘Three Quartets’ is an album recorded in January & February 1981 with saxophonist Michael Brecker, bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Steve Gadd and released in July 1981 by […]

Chick Corea’s “The Vigil”

Chick Corea’s “The Vigil” is an album reinventing some of his old compositions with a band of young musicians, released on August 6, 2013.

Chick Corea – Hot Chick

This day (June 12, 1941), in Chelsea, Massachusetts, is born Armando Anthony Corea a.k.a Chick Corea, an American jazz pianist, keyboardist and composer.

Return to Forever – Returns

Released on March 17, 2009, “Returns” is a live album (and their first recording after 32 years) by Return to Forever.