John Coltrane’s ‘Stellar Regions’

John Coltrane’s ‘Stellar Regions’ is a posthumous album recorded on February 15, 1967 , discovered in 1994 by his wife, Alice Coltrane and released onOctober 10, 1995 by Impulse!.

John Coltrane’s ‘Coltrane Jazz’

John Coltrane’s ‘Coltrane Jazz’ is his sixth studio album recorded on March 26, November 24, December 2, 1959 & October 21, 1960 with McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones.

John Coltrane’s ‘Meditations’

John Coltrane’s ‘Meditations’ is an album recorded on November 23, 1965, with Pharoah Sanders, Mccoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones and Rashied Ali.

John Coltrane – Trane Leaving

This day (July 17, 1967 ), in Huntington, New York City, died John Coltrane, an American jazz saxophonist and composer. v MORE FROM JOHN COLTRANE

“Coltrane (1962)”

“Coltrane (1962)” is a studio album by John Coltrane recorded on April 11, June 19, 20and 29, 1962.