Metallica Chronology

1983 Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ is their debut studio album released on July 25, 1983 by Megaforce Records. >> 1985 […]

Zorn In Concert

From Montreux to Marciac via New-York, Hamburg and Warsaw, “Zorn in Concert” gathers seven hours of irrepressible inventiveness and musical […]

Satchmo Loves Company

Louis Armstrong’s exuberant and gravelly voice happened to be the perfect match with the mellifluous or crooning voices of his […]

Eric & The Bluesmen

Blues is central to Eric Clapton’s repertoire. So we looked for every (videographed) occasion where Eric plays live with one […]

Benson Strictly Guitar

This Day (but in 2011), George Benson releases “Guitar Man” a mostly instrumental album. Now, guitar players are great on […]

Singing Broadway

Eighty six famous artists sing seventy songs lifted from sixty-one Broadway Shows. This is our special “Singing Broadway” in video

Miles in Concert

“Miles in Concert” stacks 14 Miles Davis concerts. It goes from 1964 till 1994, A 13 hours blazing trail of […]

Duetos Brasileiros

Starting and ending with a contribution by Gal Costa – whose birthday is today, “Duetos Brasileiros” gathers 22 major Brazilian […]

Playing Coltrane

Naima’,’Giant Steps’, ‘Mr.PC’ etc. John Coltrane whose birthday is today, has left next to fifty compositions. Some of them have […]

They All Sing Leonard

Famous and not so famous people get together to take on songs written by Leonard Cohen whose birthday is today. […]

The Mistresses Of Sax

Today being Candy Dulfer’s birthday, we take a closer at her colleagues from all over the world. Candy Dulfer, Melissa […]