Nat King Cole’s ‘Cole Español’

Nat King Cole’s ‘Cole Español’ is a studio album arranged by Nelson Riddle, recorded on February 17, 18, 20, June 11, 30, 1958 and released in August 1958 by Capitol.

Sheila E – E Like Energy

This day (December 12, 1957), in Oakland, California is born Sheila Escovedo a.k.a Sheila E. an American drummer and percussionist, v MORE FROM SHEILA E [/toggle]

‘Buena Vista Social Club’

Buena Vista Social Club’ is an album by American guitarist Ry Cooder and traditional Cuban musicians, released on September 16, 1997

Perez Prado – Last Mambo In Prado

This day (September 14, 1989), in Mexico City, Mexico, died Damasa Perez Prado, Cuban bandleader often referred to as the ‘King of the Mambo’.

” Santana (III) “

” Santana (III) ” is their third (and second self-titled) studio album released in September 1971.

Ibrahim Ferrer – Gardenias Keeper

This day (August 6, 2005), in Havana, Cuba, died Ibrahim Ferrer, a Cuban singer and musicianmember of the Buena Vista Social Club. v MORE FROM IBRAHIM FERRER [/toggle]