Herbie Hancock’s ‘Crossings’

Herbie Hancock’s ‘Crossings’ is his tenth (and second in his Mwandishi period) album recorded in February 1972 and released in May 1972 By Warner Bros.

Joe Zawinul’s ‘Brown Street’

Joe Zawinul’s ‘Brown Street’ is his last album recorded with the WDR Big Band, revisiting his old repertoire live in Vienna. and released on November 27, 2006.

Joe Zawinul – Syndicative

This day (September 11, 2007), in Vienna, Austria, died Joe Zawinul, an Austrian-American jazz keyboardist and composer. v MORE FROM JOE ZAWINUL [/toggle]

Georges Duke – ReCounted

This day (August 5, 2013inLos Angeles, California, died George Duke, a multi-faceted American musician,keyboard pioneer, composer, singer and producer . v MORE FROM GEORGE DUKE

Joe Zawinul’s “World Tour”

Joe Zawinul’s “World Tour” is a live album recorded with the Zawinul Syndicate between May 17 and November 13, 1997 and released on June 30, 1998.