Trombone Shorty – Troy Story

This day (January 2, 1986), in New Orleans, Louisiana, is born Troy Andrews a.k.a Trombone Shorty, a trombone and trumpet player from New Orleans.

Bob Brookmeyer – Big Band Man

This day (December 15, 2011), in New London, New Hampshire,, died Bob Brookmeyeran American jazz valve trombonist, pianist, arranger and composer.

Joseph Bowie – Living Defunkt

This day (October 17, 1953), in St Louis, Missouri, is born Joseph Bowie, an American bandleader, trombonist, and founder of the seminal jazz fusion band, Defunkt.

Chris Barber – Barberism

This day (April 17, 1930), in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire (England), is born Donald Christopher ‘Chris’ Barber, a jazz trombonist.