Charles Mingus’ ‘The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady’

Charles Mingus‘ ‘The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady’ is a studio album (featuring a single composition divided into four tracks and six movements) recorded on January 20, 1963 and released the same year by Impulse!

Track Listing : 1.Track A . Solo Dancer . Stop! Look! And Listen, Sinner Jim Whitney! (Charles Mingus) – 06:39 . 2.Track B . Duet Solo Dancers . Hearts’ Beat And Shades In Physical Embraces (Charles Mingus) – 06:45 . 3.Track C . Group Dancers . (Soul Fusion) Freewoman And Oh, This Freedom’S Slave Cries (Charles Mingus) – 07:22 . 4.Mode D . Trio And Group Dancers / Mode E . Single Solos And Group Dance / Mode F . Group And Solo Dance . Stop! Look! And Sing Songs Of Revolutions! (Charles Mingus) – 18;41

Musicians : Charles Mingus – Bass, Piano . Jerome Richardson – Soprano And Baritone Saxophone, Flute . Charlie Mariano – Alto Saxophone . Dick Hafer – Tenor Saxophone, Flute . Rolf Ericson – Trumpet . Richard Williams – Trumpet . Quentin Jackson – Trombone . Don Butterfield – Tuba, Contrabass Trombone . Jaki Byard – Piano . Jay Berliner – Classical Guitar . Dannie Richmond – Drums

Production : Produced By Bob Thiele Bob Simpson – Engineer

Package : Bob Ghiraldini – Photography . Joe Lebow – Artwork

Recorded On January 20, 1963.

Released In 1963 By Impulse!.

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Charles Mingus

I highly urge anyone who skims over this review to give this album a look. If you wish to hear the point where Charles Mingus finally transcended his original roots as a simple jazz bassistand became something much more, then this is the record for you. […]
And the music? You need some time with that, too. This is an album that you can’t enjoy in small bursts. You can’t have this on shuffle. The songs all work together with themes and melodies and rhythms and ideas repeating themselves over the course of the disc. It’s a symphony, albeit a funky, groovy symphony. […]

All About Jazz
Occasionally the ferocity of each voice clamoring with the others reaches such a furious intensity that it would take just one more step for it to reach the world of the medium-sized group free jazz that would be recorded not long after this album: Albert Ayler’s New York Eye and Ear Control, Coltrane’s Ascension, etc. […]


Charles Mingus‘ ‘The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady’



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