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Anat : Idiomatically conversant with modern and traditional jazz, classical music, Brazilian choro, Argentine tango, and an expansive timeline of Afro-Cuban styles, Anat Cohen has established herself as one of the primary voices of her generation on both the tenor saxophone and clarinet since arriving in New York City in 1999.

Elen Music : Thirty years ago, in 1974, long before Balkan music was discovered on the major music scene, Papazov started his revolution with his Trakija Band. At the time he could hardly have known that he was creating a new movement, later known as wedding band music, a mix of Bulgarian and Balkan folk with contemporary elements. His work changed the face of Bulgarian and world music and developed it in new directions.

asphalt tango production : Fanfare Ciocărlia’s “Queens and Kings” celebrates unity in diversity while standing as a testament to the vision of Ioan Ivancea, clarinet-playing patriarch, who died in October 2006. To Ioan then, a true Gypsy King, this album is dedicated.

The David Orlowsky Trio : David Orlowsky counts among the most extraordinary clarinettists of his generation. Together with bassist and composer Florian Dohrmann, he founded David Orlowsky’s Klezmorim in 1997, the trio that now also features Jens-Uwe Popp on the guitar.

Frank Perry : Giacinto Scelsi’s music is not for those of a nervous disposition nor for the faint-hearted. It is utterly naked, raw music and totally uncompromising. He considered that all composition since Pythagoras had been in error – that composing (putting together) was a mistake. Devising new music should consist in the analysis of one note and its overtones.

Europe Jazz Network : Barbaros Erköse belongs to a Turkish family of musicians who won international fame through their unique repertory of Roman music. It includes not only the manifold musical traditions of Anatolia but also all those countries which were part of the erstwhile Ottoman Empire – Greece, the Near East, the Balkan, and Azerbeidjan.

Ballkan : A saxophonist and clarinettist, Mustafov, based in Sutka, the gypsy suburb of Macedonian capital Skopje (population approximately 50,000) comes from a traditional gypsy music family. Indeed his father, the celebrated Ilimi Jasarov, was the first to introduce saxophone to the wedding music format.

Andy Statman : A possessed Statman found mandolin master David Grisman in 1965, in a Greenwich Village teeming with young musicians at the heart of the resurgence of folk culture, and asked him for lessons. Grisman, with whom he would record and coproduce “Songs of Our Fathers” 30 years later, says that Statman was the best student he has ever had. “The kid just gobbled up everything,” says Grisman, a Grammy-nominated bluegrass-folkjazz musician.