David Bowie releases his seventeenth album : ‘Never Let Me Down’ featuring ‘Day-In Day-Out’ (1987)

David Bowie’s ‘Never Let Me Down’ is his seventeenth studio album released on 20 April 1987 by EMI.

Track Listing : 1.Day-In Day-Out (David Bowie) – 05:35 . 2.Time Will Crawl (David Bowie) – 04:18 . 3.Beat Of Your Drum (David Bowie) – 05:03 . 4.Never Let Me Down” (David Bowie, Carlos Alomar) – 04:03 . 5.Zeroes (David Bowie) – 05:46 . 6.Glass Spider (David Bowie) – 05:30 . 7.Shining Star [Makin’ My Love] (David Bowie) – 05:04 . 8.New York’S In Love (David Bowie) – 04:32 . 9.’87 And Cry (David Bowie) – 04:18 . 10.Too Dizzy (David Bowie, Erdal Kızılçay) – 03:58 . 11.Bang Bang (Iggy Pop, Ivan Kral) – 04:28

Greg Gorman

Musicians : David Bowie – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Mellotron, Moog Synthesizer, Harmonica, Tambourine . Carlos Alomar – Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Tambourine, Backing Vocals . Erdal Kızılçay – Keyboards, Drums, Bass Guitar, Trumpet, Violins, Backing Vocals . Peter Frampton – Lead Guitar . Philippe Saisse – Piano . Carmine Rojas – Bass Guitar . Stan Harrison – Alto Saxophone . Steve Elson – Baritone Saxophone . Lenny Pickett – Tenor Saxophone . Earl Gardner – Flugelhorn . Laurie Frink – Trumpet . Errol “Crusher” Bennett – Percussion . Sid Mcginnis – Lead Guitar On (1 – 2 – 11) . Mickey Rourke – Mid-Song Rap On (7) . Robin Clark – Backing Vocals . Lani Groves – Backing Vocals . Diva Gray – Backing Vocals . Gordon Grodie – Backing Vocals

Production : Produced By David Bowie, David Richards . David Richards – Assistant Mixing . Malcolm Pollack – Engineer . Bob Clearmountain – Mixing . Bob Ludwig – Mastering . Andre Gauchat – Assistant Engineer . Jon Goldberger – Assistant Engineer . Justin Shirley Smith – Assistant Engineer

Package : Greg Gorman asterisques RVM – Photography . Mick Haggerty – Artwork

Recorded Mid 1986 To Early 1987[2] At Mountain Studios Montreux, Switzerland; Power Station, New York City[.

Released On April 20, 1987 By Emi America.

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David Bowie


Even the artwork is ugly. It shows Bowie jumping through hoops as though he’s some sort of human-shaped dolphin. Why? Who knows – it’s misguided and embarrassing, just like the songs it represents. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
David Bowie’s ‘Tonight’ and ‘Never Let Me Down’: When the Wheels Came Off“I feel very guilty about it! I did five or six pieces of writing and I sing a lot … It was nice not to be involved in that way.” […]

Rolling Stone
And at first, Bowie and coproducer David Richards (the team responsible for Iggy Pop‘s Blah-Blah-Blah) seem to have hit on an invigorating, nervy, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach. […]


David Bowie’s ‘Never Let Me Down’ M



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