David Murray’s ‘Waltz Again’

David Murray’s ‘Waltz Again’ is an album recorded in December, 2002 with Lafayette Gilchist, Jaribu Shahidand Hamid Drake and a ten strings section and released in 2005 By Justin Time.

Track Listing : 1.Pushkin Suite No. 1 (David Murray) – 26:04 . 2.Waltz Again (David Murray) – 08:51 . 3.Dark Secrets (David Murray) – 10:17 . 4.Steps (David Murray) – 11:23 . 5.Sparkle (David Murray) – 06:41

Musicians : Lafayette Gilchist – Piano . Jaribu Shahid – Bass . Hamid Drake – Drums . Roman Filiu O’Reilly – Conductor

Production : Produced By Valerie Malot

Package : Dave Darlington – Mixing . Kevin Le Gendre – Liner Notes

Recorded December, 2002.

Released 2005 By Justin Time.

 David Murray


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Indeed, Waltz Again can become a quickly wearying experience if swallowed whole. Its beauty is best appreciated when listened to with a breather between each track. […]

Murray has mellowed. His more extreme devices are now colorful details within somewhat kinder, gentler musical designs. […]

There are many worthwhile albums in Murray’s sizable catalogand Waltz Again is likely to go down in history as one of his strongest recordings of the 2000s. […]


David Murray’s ‘Waltz Again’