We remember Don Pullen. ‘Ode To Don’

This day (April 22, 1995), in Los Angeles, California, died Don Pullen, an American jazz pianist and organist.


Wikipedia : This day (April 22, 1995), in Los Angeles, California,, died Don Pullen, an American jazz pianist and organist.

Official Site : In 1964 he went to Chicago for a few weeks where he encountered Muhal Richard Abrams’ philosophy of making music, then headed for New York, where he was soon introduced to avant-garde saxist Guiseppi Logan, and absorbed more of the philosophy of creative music.

@allmusic : Although he could be quite free harmonically, with dense, dissonant chords, Pullen also utilized catchy rhythms, so even his freest flights generally had a handle for listeners to hang on to.

@last.fm : He produced acknowledged masterworks of jazz in a range of formats and styles, crossing and mixing genres long before this became almost commonplace. By chance, unfortunately for his future commercial success if not for his musical development, his first contact on arriving on the New York scene was with the free players of the 1960s, with whom he recorded.

@Discogs : In the 70s he worked also as arranger for record companies, and accompanied various singers including Arthur Prysock, Irene Reid, Ruth Brown, Jimmy Rushing and Nina Simone.

Video : w/ The African-Brazilian Connection – El Matador (1992) . Jam Session / Autumn Leaves (1988) . Reincarnated . w/ George Adams Quartet – Song From The Old Country (1987) . w/ George Adams – City Gates (1984) . Interviewed by Ramsey Lewis + Ode to life . w/ George Adams, Cameron Brown, Danny Richmond (1980) . Charles Mingus – Flowers For A Lady (1974) .




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