Duetting Banjos

Featuring Todd Taylor . Banjo . Delivrance . Steve Martin . Bela Fleck . Tony Trischka . The Crow . Making the Oilcan Banjo . Ron Block . Bum Ditty . Clawhammer Banjo . Gerry O’Connor . Irish Banjo . Aguas de Marco

Napster : Argentine folk legend León Gieco is one of his country’s most enduring national heroes.. Then came a two-volume live recording from 1989 pairing him with American folk hero Pete Seeger, Concierto en Vivo (1990); the album was recorded in Buenos Aires, yet they toured the United States subsequently.

Chick Corea : Washington Post wrote : “Pianist Chick Corea and banjoist Béla Fleck may not seem like a natural pairing… Supernatural is more like it.”

Eine Kleine Nichtmusik : We got to see all his (Bela Fleck,) own skills, not least of which is extremely sensitive accompanying; we had a great concert of African and Celtic music; and we had some very fine cross-cultural blending.

Rambles : Here’s a nice little bluegrass time machine that takes us all back to 1974, when Charles and Danny Bailey (respectively on mandolin and guitar) laid down 14 tracks, aided nicely by Larry Mathis on banjo, Tater Tate on fiddle and Jake Tullock Jr. on bass. The brothers started singing together in the ’40s, so it’s pretty old-fashioned, but a lot of fun if you can accept the sometimes painful vocals.

Julian Winston : One day he asked if I’d like to go along to an interview he was doing with Harry and Jeannie West. Harry and Jeannie were transplanted southerners, living in the Bronx. Harry had an amazing record collection, and was also a collector and dealer of fine instruments. About a year earlier I had purchased a Dobro from him.

Amazon : Accompanied variously by fiddle, mandolin and bass, the three veteran players alternate between collaboration (Bill Cheatham, Salt Creek, John Hardy) and soloing with a rotating door of backing musicians (Dust On the Needle, Paddy Kelly’s Jig, Silverbell, Mead Mountain Blues, Salty).

Pegram Family Album : Arthur Palmer Hudson, reviewing the 1948 Carolina Folk Festival in the Southern Folklore Quarterly, mentions Pegram, “a broadaxe-finished mountaineer under a ten-gallon hat” as vying “with Clegg Garner of Randolph for honors as banjo soloist. George’s ‘Good Ol’ Mountain Dew’ a ‘special request’ number on every program after the first.

allmusic : A clawhammer-style banjo player and vocalist, Crumb led his band, the Cheap Suit Serenaders, through three albums of tongue-in-jowl, early 20th century string band and jazz ..

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