Duke Ellington’s ‘Black, Brown and Beige’

Duke Ellington‘s ‘Black, Brown and Beige’ is an album recorded on February 4–5 & 11-12, 1958 with his orchestra and Mahalia Jackson as guest.

Track Listing : 1.Part I (Duke Ellington) – 08:17 . 2.Part Ii (Duke Ellington) – 06:14 . 3.Part Iii (Aka Light) (Duke Ellington) – 06:26 . 4.Part Iv (Aka Come Sunday) (Duke Ellington) – 07:58 . 5.Part V (Aka Come Sunday) (Duke Ellington) – 03:46 . 6.Part Vi (23Rd Psalm) (Duke Ellington) – 03:01

Musicians : Duke Ellington – Piano . Mahalia Jackson – Vocals . Cat Anderson – Trumpet . Harold Baker – Trumpet . Harry Carney – Bass . Paul Gonsalves – Sax (Tenor) . Bill Graham – Sax (Alto) . Jimmy Hamilton – Clarinet . Quentin Jackson – Trombone, Trumpet . Ray Nance – Trumpet, Violin . Russell Procope – Clarinet, Sax (Alto) . John Sanders – Trombone . Clark Terry – Trumpet . Jimmy Woode – Bass . Britt Woodman – Trombone, Trumpet . Sam Woodyard – Drums

Production : Produced By Irving Townsend

Package : Howard Fritzson – Art Direction

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Duke Ellington


The New-Yorker
Duke Ellington’s music and race in America. Ellington recorded a new version of the hymn from “Black, Brown and Beige,” titled “Come Sunday,” in which Mahalia Jackson, pleading with the Lord to “see my people through,” evokes both Heaven and a country redeemed. […]

Jerry Jazz Musician
Liner Notes: Irving Townsend on “Black, Brown and Beige,” by Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, Featuring Mahalia Jackson Come Sunday now becomes Mahalia’s. In fact, she hums an extra chorus as if she were aware of the power of her performance and wanted to let it linger a moment more. […]

There’s not a note of music that isn’t worth hearing anywhere on the CD, and the album is a welcome restoration to the catalog. […]


Duke Ellington‘s ‘Black, Brown and Beige’ M



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