Ella Fitzgerald records ‘Sings Songs from ‘Let No Man Write My Epitaph” for Verve (1960)

Ella Fitzgerald‘s ‘Sings Songs from ‘Let No Man Write My Epitaph” is an album recorded on April 14 – 19, 1960 and released the same year by Verve.

Track Listing : 1.Black Coffee (Sonny Burke, Paul Francis Webster) – 03:27 . 2.Angel Eyes (Earl Brent, Matt Dennis) – 03:27 . 3.I Cried For You (Gus Arnheim, Arthur Freed, Abe Lyman) – 03:26 . 4.I Can’T Give You Anything But Love, Baby (Dorothy Fields, Jimmy Mchugh) – 03:28 . 5.Then You’Ve Never Been Blue (Ted Fio Rito, Sam M. Lewis, Frances Langford, Joe Young) – 03:10 . 6.I Hadn’T Anyone Till You (Ray Noble) – 02:49 . 7.My Melancholy Baby (Ernie Burnett, George Norton) – 02:57 . 8.Misty (Johnny Burke, Erroll Garner) – 02:51 . 9.September Song (Maxwell Anderson, Kurt Weill) – 03:40 . 10.One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) (Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer) – 04:17 . 11.Who’S Sorry Now? (Burt Kalmar, Harry Ruby, Ted Snyder) – 03:26 . 12.I’M Getting Sentimental Over You (George Bassman, Ned Washington) – 02:36 . 13.Reach For Tomorrow (Mchugh, Washington) – 02:24

Musicians : Ella Fitzgerald – Vocals . Paul Smith – Piano

Production : Produced By Norman Granz

Recorded On April 14 – 19, 1960.

Released In 1960 By Verve.

Ella Fitzgerald


This album is a rare gem, a 1960 duo session featuring Ella Fitzgerald singing classic ballads, which she performed in the film Let No Man Write My Epitaph, with pianist Paul Smith as her sole accompanist. […]

futileexercise @ RateYourMusic
Absolutely fantastic! Pour a glass of wine, turn down the lightsand wallow in the glory of Ella’s voice without frilly arrangements. DIVINE! […]

The London Rich @ Amazon
Brilliant is an understatementI was extremely lucky to be given a copy of this album on vinyl. It is by far one of Ella Fitzgerald‘s best works. The arrangements are simple: her voice and a piano. That’s it. That’s all. Her voice conveys all the emotion the songs needand the sparse piano arrangements compliment her perfectly. […]


Ella Fitzgerald‘s ‘Sings Songs from ‘Let No Man Write My Epitaph” M



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