Elvis Costello releases ‘This Year’s Model,’ his first album with the Attractions (1978)

Elvis Costello’s ‘This Year’s Model’ is his second album (his first with the Attractions), produced by Nick Lowe and released on March 17, 1978 by Radar.

Track Listing : 1.No Action (Elvis Costello) – 01:58 . 2.This Year’S Girl (Elvis Costello) – 03:17 . 3.The Beat (Elvis Costello) – 03:45 . 4.Pump It Up (Elvis Costello) – 03:14 . 5.Little Triggers (Elvis Costello) – 02:40 . 6.You Belong To Me (Elvis Costello) – 02:22 . 7.Hand In Hand (Elvis Costello) – 02:33 . 8.(I Don’T Want To Go To) Chelsea (Elvis Costello) – 03:07 . 9.Lip Service (Elvis Costello) – 02:36 . 10.Living In Paradise (Elvis Costello) – 03:52 . 11.Lipstick Vogue (Elvis Costello) – 03:42 . 12.Night Rally (Elvis Costello) – 02:41

Musicians : Elvis Costello – Guitar, Vocals . The Attractions – Band . Steve Nieve – Piano, Organ . Bruce Thomas – Bass . Pete Thomas – Drums

Production : Produced By Nick Lowe . Roger Bechirian – Engineer . Daniel Hersch – Mastering

Package : Barney Bubbles – Cover Design . Chris Gabrin – Photography . Coco Shinomiya – Design

Recorded 1977–1978 At Eden Studios, London.

Released On March 17 1978 By Radar.

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Elvis Costello


“Pump it Up,” the album’s second single, spirals the album into a wild party. Its Mod-inspired tempo has Pete and Bruce’s rhythm section stomping and thumping through both the verse and chorus, all the while being held together by Nieve’s carousel-esque keyboarding. […]

Razor sharp slices of neo-garage rock, fueled on amphetamine and Aftermath, quick-witted and tight—and an object lesson that the New Wave could compete on the old school’s field. […]

To put it another way, Elvis Costello could sing a song about the oppressive and destructive state of his girlfriend and pull it off with wit and talent to spare. […]


Elvis Costello’s ‘This Year’s Model’ M



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