Eric Clapton’s ‘E. C. Was Here’

Eric Clapton‘s ‘E. C. Was Here’ is a live album recorded on July 19&20, 1974 at the Long Beach Arena, December 4, 1974 at the Hammersmith Odeon & June 25, 1975 at the Providence Civic Center and released in August 1975 By Polydor.

Track Listing : 1.Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Billy Myles) – 07:52 . 2.Presence Of The Lord (Eric Clapton) – 06:40 . 3.Driftin’ Blues (Johnny Moore, Charles Brown, Eddie Williams) – 011:43 . 4.Can’T Find My Way Home (Steve Winwood) – 05:20 . 5.Ramblin’ On My Mind (Robert Johnson) – 07:20 . 6.Further On Up The Road (Joe Medwick, Don Robey) – 07:36

Musicians : Eric Clapton – Lead Guitar, Vocals . Yvonne Elliman – Vocals . George Terry – Rhythm Guitar . Dick Sims – Organ . Carl Radle – Bass Guitar . Jamie Oldaker – Drums . Marcy Levy – Tambourine

Production : Produced By Tom Dowd . Wally Heider – Engineer . Ed Barton – Engineer . Brian Engolds – Engineer . Ralph Moss – Engineer

Package : Kaz Akaiwa – Liner Notes . Frank Moscati – Photography

Recorded On July 19&20, 1974 At The Long Beach Arena, December 4, 1974 At The Hammersmith Odeon & June 25, 1975 At The Providence Civic Center.

Released In August 1975 By Polydor.

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Eric Clapton


Rolling Stone
George Terry, Clapton’s extremely capable coguitarist, trades off with the master toward the end, creating succinct statements on a Fender Stratocaster. […]

Scott’s Rock and Soul Album Reviews
“Drifting Blues,” finally restored to its full 11-minute version on cd after a 3-minute edit on the LP, is a slow, laid back blues shuffle that strangely integrates a few verses from “Ramblin’ On My Mind,” even stranger because a full-blown and quite excellent version of that song appears later on. Really, those of you who insist that Clapton is “boring” would do well to check out his impeccable playing on “Ramblin’ On My Mind”; it just might make you want to dig deeper than making sweeping (and in my opinion not entirely fair) generalizations such as that. […]

Robert Christgau
From Clapton a live album is welcome these days. At the very least it guarantees that his head was higher than his feet at time of recordingand live albums being what they are it also assures plenty of what he does best, which is play guitar. […]


Eric Clapton‘s ‘E. C. Was Here’



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