From Malouf To Mezoued

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Focus Online : The small orchestras who play this music uses violins (rbab), lutes, sitars and drums. The music is plaintiff, sometims insistent, and has a hint of Berber influence notably in the rhythms and the forms. It is generally made up of several different pieces or ‘nouba’ (equivalent of the ‘suites’ in Western music) which alternate poems, songs, preludes and instrumental breaks.

Staying in Tune: Traditions and Musical Instruments of the Francophonie : I grew up in a working class neighbourhood so I heard the mezoued from the time I was very young. I found myself playing this instrument without even thinking about it. This helps to explain the influence of this instrument on Tunisian people. The sound of the instrument brought back to me the folk music traditions that rocked me to sleep when I was little

Fanoos : Hedi Jouini was born on the 1st of November 1909, He passed away on the 30th of November 1990. Hedi Jouini was not only a singer, but also a musician and a composer. : Ud also referred to as ouds is a popular musical instrument played in Tunisia. Oud is basically a lute of Arabic origin. Most of the ouds in Tunisia are now made in factories. The number of craftsmen making the instrument has considerably reduced in number.

tribe : Well, I got the great-granddaddy of all old-world bagpipes last week, the Tunesian Mezoued. If you take the Greek Tsabuouna, but give it an even more-goat-shaped skin-bag, you got it. The Mezoued is a double-chanter bagpipe made from cane. What’s really interesting is that the reeds in the one that I got are the exact same size as the ones in my Kaba Gaida. Of course, the music that can be played on it is very limited, but it sure has a wonderful goaty-look to it!

AllAfrica : A native from Testour, Tunisia’s capital of the malouf, Syrine Ben Moussa is the new ambassadress of Arab- Andalous music which she claims as “an integral part of her identity and a return to a dreamed of Andalusia”.

Tunisie100p100 : The mezoued diffuses in the urban culture of the layers underprivileged and uprooted by the Rural migration. It can be seen like the expression of a badly-food and a distrust with respect to the dominant culture. It is registered readily against the codes of the propriety by adopting a ic language Argot and by treating provocative topics even grivois.

Passionate Music : In 1983, Amina Fakhet participated in the TV talent show ‘ Art and talents’ and sing ‘ Hekayty Ma’a Zaman’ (My history with time) of Warda. The tears in her eyes Amina was unable to continue his presentation, but the jury recognized her talent.