George Benson’s ‘Beyond the Blue Horizon’

George Benson‘s ‘Beyond the Blue Horizon’ is a studio album recorded on February 2-3, 1971 and released the same year by CTI.

Track Listing : 1.So What (Miles Davis) – 09:21 . 2.The Gentle Rain (From The Gentle Rain) (Luiz Bonfá, Matt Dubey) – 09:15 . 3.All Clear (George Benson) – 05:29 . 4.Ode To A Kudu (Benson) – 03:48 . 5.Somewhere In The East (Benson) – 06:11

Musicians : George Benson – Guitar . Clarence Palmer – Organ . Ron Carter – Bass . Jack Dejohnette – Drums . Michael Cameron – Percussion . Albert Nicholson – Percussion

Production : Produced By Creed Taylor . Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer . Robert Honablue – Engineer . Danny Kadar – Mixing . Tom “Curly” Ruff – Mastering . David Swope – Assistant Engineer . Mark Wilder – Mastering

Package : Bob Ciano – Design . Steve Futterman – Liner Notes . Chuck Stewart – Photography . Pete Turner – Cover Photo

Recorded On February 2-3, 1971 At Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs.

Released 1971 By Cti.

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George Benson

So I immediately decided to check out some George Benson, whom I have heard of but had foolishly overlooked. The first album I downloaded(legally too, hooray for ruckus) was Beyond the Blue Horizon. I had no idea what I had gotten my hands on. […]

All About Jazz
Four decades separate the original release of the album and this reissue, but it’s still plainly obvious that Beyond The Blue Horizon is beyond what most instrumentalists ever achieveand one of the crowning jewels in Benson’s discography. […]

A reminder that though Georges career switch may have made him considerably richer, it left the jazz world a bit poorer. Recommended. […]


George Benson‘s ‘Beyond the Blue Horizon’



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