George Benson’s ‘In Flight’

George Benson‘s ‘In Flight’ is an album released on February 4, 1977 by Warner Bros. Records.

Track Listing : 1.Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez) – 05:58 . 2.The Wind And I (Ronnie Foster) – 05:04 . 3.The World Is A Ghetto (War) – 09:41 . 4.Gonna Love You More (Morris Albert) – 04:37 . 5.Valdez In The Country (Donny Hathaway) – 04:29 . 6.Everything Must Change (Berard Ighner) – 08:07

Musicians : George Benson – Lead Guitar & Vocals . Phil Upchurch – Rhythm Guitar . Ronnie Foster – Electric Piano & Mini Moog . Jorge Dalto – Clavinet & Acoustic Piano . Stanley Banks – Bass . Harvey Mason – Drums . Ralph Macdonald – Percussion . Claus Ogerman – Conductor

Production : Produced By Tommy Lipuma . Al Schmitt – Engineer

Recorded 1976.

Released On February 4, 1977 By Warner Bros. Records.

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George Benson


Robert Christgau
Upon reflection, it seems to me that what Benson does these days isn’t a sellout but an apotheosis–this kind of palaver has been the soul of jazz guitar since the ’50s […]

Benson revels in his new, commercial direction. In Flight was a sweet, subtle continuation of Benson’s new commercial formula. The album reached number 19 on release and accelerated Britain’s love affair with Benson, which reached its apex in the mid 80s with his chart-topping compilation, The Love Songs. […]

rob_engineer @ RateYourMusic
Does a good job of carrying on from Breezin’ but has a few weaker tracks. More great grooves from the rhythm section. […]


George Benson‘s ‘In Flight’



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