George Benson’s ‘Weekend in L.A.’

George Benson‘s ‘Weekend in L.A.’ is a live albumrecorded between September 30 and October 2, 1977 and released In 1978 By Warner Bros.

Track Listing : 1.Weekend In L.A. (George Benson) – 07:28 . 2.On Broadway Song Review (Jerry Leiber, Barry Mann, Mike Stoller, Cynthia Weil) – 10:07 . 3.Down Here On The Ground (Gale Garnett, Lalo Schifrin) – 04:54 . 4.California P.M. (George Benson) – 07:04 . 5.The Greatest Love Of All (Linda Creed, Michael Masser) – 05:43 . 6.It’S All In The Game (George Benson) – 03:54 . 7.Windsong (George Benson) – 06:13 . 8.Ode To A Kudu (George Benson) – 07:25 . 9.Lady Blue (Leon Russell) – 03:39 . 10.We All Remember Wes (Stevie Wonder) – 05:47 . 11.We As Love (George Benson) – 07:05

Musicians : George Benson – Guitar, Vocals . Stanley Banks – Bass . Jorge Dalto – Keyboards, Piano . Ronnie Foster – Keyboards, Synthesizer . Phil Upchurch – Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)

Production : Produced By Tommy Lipuma

Package :

Recorded Between September 30 And October 2, 1977.

Released In 1978 By Warner Bros..

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George Benson


This album also introduced “On Broadway,” an extended stomping version of the Drifters’ hit that would become Benson’s climactic showstopper for years. The only superfluous element is the after-the-fact addition of Nick DeCaro’s string synthesizer backdrop; the real Claus Ogerman-arranged thing would have been preferable if strings are a must. […]

Weekend In LA captures Benson and his band in buoyant mood, with shouty encouragement from the jumping audience. […]

rob_engineerMar292005rob_engineer @ RateYourMusic
In my opinion the last jazz-based George Benson album before he truely went mainstream. The main thing this album has is more vocal orientated material – excellent vocals which capture the feeling of these old classics. […]


George Benson‘s ‘Weekend in L.A.’



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