Happy Birthday Harry Connick Jr. ‘Older Junior’

This day (September 11, 1967), in New Orleans, Louisiana, is born Joseph Harry Fowler Connick, Jr.an American singer.


Digest Tracklist :

One Fine Thing (2017) . Just the Way You Are (2016) . Learn To Love (2010) . Jambalaya @ Parkinson Starburst (2007) . ILl Dream Of You Again (On Cheers) . w/ Ashley Judd – Fashion Awards (1997) . The Arsenio Hall Show (1990) . (There Is Always) One More Time . w/ Gloria Estefan – Come Rain or Come Shine . w/, Ben Wolfe & Shannon Powell – Stompin At The Savoy . It Had To Be You .

TOP 10

Harry Connick Jr Top 10 :

I Could Write A Book . A Wink and a Smile . We Are In Love . It Had To Be You (Big Band and Vocals) . Don’t Get Around Much Anymore . Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off . Love Is Here To Stay . Recipe For Love . Come By Me . You Didn’t Know Me When .


Released on November 1, 1988, 20 is an album (and his first with vocal) by Harry Connick, Jr. recorded in his 20th year. >>

Harry Connick, Jr. ‘s Every Man Should Know is his thirtieth album released on June 11, 2013. >>

Released on February 3, 2004, Only You is Harry Connick, Jr.s seventeenth (consisting of versions of songs from the 1920s to the 1960s) album, >>

Released on January 30, 2007, Oh, My NOLA is an album (containing well-known songs associated with New Orleyears ago) from Harry Connick, Jr. and his big band. >>


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Wikipedia : This day (September 11, 1967), in New Orleans, Louisiana,, is born Joseph Harry Fowler Connick, Jr.an American singer.

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@ last.fm : His first record for the label was a mainly instrumental album of standards. He soon acquired a reputation in jazz because of extended stays at high-profile New York venues. His next album, 20, featured his vocals and added to this reputation.

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