Janet Jackson releases her third album : ‘Control’ featuring ‘What Have You Done for Me Lately,’ ‘Nasty,’ ‘When I Think of You,’ ‘Control’ and ‘Let’s Wait Awhile’ (1986)

Janet Jackson’s ‘Control’ is her third studio album produced by Jam and Lewis and eleased on February 4, 1986 by A&M.

Track Listing : 1.Control (James Harris Iii, Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson) – 05:55 . 2.Nasty (James Harris Iii, Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson) – 04:03 . 3.What Have You Done For Me Lately (James Harris Iii, Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson) – 04:59 . 4.You Can Be Mine (James Harris Iii, Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson) – 05:16 . 5.The Pleasure Principle (Monte Moir) – 04:58 . 6.When I Think Of You (James Harris Iii, Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson) – 03:56 . 7.He Doesn’T Know I’M Alive (Spencer Bernard) – 03:30 . 8.Let’S Wait Awhile (James Harris Iii, Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson, Melanie Andrews) – 04:37 . 9.Funny How Time Flies (When You’Re Having Fun) (James Harris Iii, Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson) – 04:29

Mary Lambert

Dominic Sena

Musicians : Janet Jackson – Vocals, Background Vocals, Keyboards, Bells . Melanie Andrews – Background Vocals . Troy Anthony – Saxophone . Jerome Benton – Vocals . Spencer Bernard – Synthesizer, Guitar . Geoff Bouchieiz – Guitar . Mark Cardenas – Synthesizer . Roger Dumas – Drums, Programming . Jimmy Jam – Synthesizer, Percussion, Piano, Drums, Vocals, Background Vocals . Jellybean Johnson – Guitar, Vocals . Lisa Keith – Background Vocals . Terry Lewis – Percussion, Vocals, Background Vocals . Monte Moir – Synthesizer, Guitar, Drums . Nicholas Raths – Acoustic And 12-String Guitar . Gwendolyn Traylor – Background Vocals . Hami Wave – Background Vocals

Julien Temple

Production : Produced By Jimmy Jam And Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson . Steve Hodge – Engineer, Mixing . Jimmy Jam – Engineer . Terry Lewis – Engineer

Package : Chuck Beeson – Art Direction . Melanie Nissen – Art Direction . Tony Viramontes – Photography

Recorded August–October 1985 At Flyte Tyme Productions Studio (Minneapolis, Minnesota).

Released On February 4, 1986 By A&M.

Video Director(s) : Brian Jones and Piers Ashworth for “What Have You Done for Me Lately” . Mary Lambert asterisques RVM for “Nasty” and “Let’s Wait Awhile” . Julien Temple asterisques RVM for “When I Think of You” . Dominic Sena asterisques RVM for “Let’s Wait Awhile” and “The Pleasure Principle” .

Janet Jackson


Rolling Stone
Control is a better album than Diana Ross has made in five years and puts Janet in a position similar to the young Donna Summer’s — unwilling to accept novelty status and taking her own steps to rise above it. […]

Slant Magazine
There’s perhaps no better testament to the power of Control as a quintessential statement on personal and artistic self-actualization than the still pervasive misconception that it’s Janet Jackson‘s debut album. […]

And with video’s like ‘The Pleasure Principle’ and the title track itself, which contained skilful intricate solo routines that would rival even her brother… it’s no wonder that others still emulate her. […]


Thanks to the musicians : dino5254 . nin2187 .


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