Jeff Beck releases ‘Blow by Blow’ produced By George Martin (1975)

Jeff Beck‘s ‘Blow by Blow’ is his seventh (and first under his name alone) album produced By George Martin and released on March 29, 1975 by Epic.

Track Listing : 1.You Know What I Mean (Jeff Beck, Max Middleton) – 04:05 . 2.She’S A Woman (John Lennon, Paul Mccartney) – 04:31 . 3.Constipated Duck (Jeff Beck) – 02:48 . 4.Air Blower (Jeff Beck, Max Middleton, Phil Chen, Richard Bailey) – 05:09 . 5.Scatterbrain (Jeff Beck, Max Middleton) – 05:39 . 6.Cause We’Ve Ended As Lovers (Stevie Wonder) – 05:42 . 7.Thelonius (Stevie Wonder) – 03:16 . 8.Freeway Jam (Max Middleton) – 04:58 . 9.Diamond Dust (Bernie Holland) – 08:26

Musicians : Jeff Beck – Electric Guitars, Bass . Max Middleton — Keyboards . Phil Chen — Bass . Richard Bailey – Drums, Percussion . Stevie Wonder — Clavinet On (2) . George Martin — Arrangements On (5 – 9)

Production : Produced By George Martin . Vic Anesini – Mastering . Denim Bridges – Engineer . Steven Saper – Engineer

Package : John Berg – Cover Art . John Collier – Illustrations . Jim Marshall – Photography . Mac Randall – Liner Notes . Matt Resnicoff – Liner Notes

Recorded In October 1974 At Air Studios, London.

Released On March 29, 1975 By Epic.

(Source Jeff Beck‘s ‘Blow by Blow’ | Official Site)

Jeff Beck


Underpinned by a solid, unfussy rhythm section, Beck proceeded to weave a spell on a potent range of self-penned and out-sourced tunes. […]
This is Beck’s Sgt. Peppers or Kind of Blue. If you are any fan of Jazz, Rock, or just great guitar playing this is for you, heck if you enjoy listening to any kind of music this is for you. […]

Rolling Stone
Beck’s music here is new only for him. It is closely connected to Stevie Wonder‘s, Herbie Hancock‘s and perhaps most of all, to that of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, his current touring partner. The only axe Beck has to grind is his Gibson; there are no statements here, only his usual flurry of notes. […]


Jeff Beck‘s ‘Blow by Blow’



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Jeff Beck

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