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This day (December 29, 1952), in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, is born Joseph Salvatore Joe Lovano an American jazz saxophonist, alto clarinetist, flautist.


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w/Brussels Jazz Orchestra – Gent Jazz Festival (2013) . w/ Steve Grossman Two Tenors Quintet – Take the Coltrane . w/ John Scofield, Dave Holland, Al Foster – The Winding Way (Part I) (2002) . Theme For Ernie (2001) . w/ Michael Brecker, David Liebman- Live at Birdland, 12.17.99 . w/ George Adams – Tenor Madness . w/ John Scofield – Umbria Jazz 93 . w/ Hank Jones Quartet with Special Guest Francesco Cafiso (1989) . w/ Jim Hall – Slam [1996] .

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Joe Lovano Top 10 :

Early Autumn . Emperor Jones – Instrumental . I’m All For You . Blessings In May . Oh! . Autumn in New York . Don’t Blame Me . Myths And Legends . Stella By Starlight . Cross Culture .


Released on February 9, 1993, What We Do is a studio album by The John Scofield Quartet, featuring Joe Lovano on saxophone. >>

Recorded on December 28, 1991, From the Soul is an album by Joe Lovano with Michel Petrucciani, Dave Holland and Ed Blackwell. >>

Recorded between April 6 & June 12, 1994, Rush Hour is an album by Joe Lovano featuring an orchestra arranged and conducted by Gunther Schuller. >>

Recorded on March 12, 1994 and January 22, 1995, Quartets: Live at the Village Vanguard is a live album by Joe Lovano. >>

Joe Lovano‘s Universal Language is an album recorded on June 26–28, 1992. >>

Recorded on August 13 & 14, 1990, Landmarks is an album by Joe Lovano produced by John Scofield. >>

Folk Art by Joe Lovano is his twenty first album with Us Five featuring Esperanza Spalding, released on May 5, 2009 . >>

Released on February 23, 2002, Viva Caruso is an album (inspired by the Italian tenor, Enrico Caruso) by Joe Lovano . >>

Joyous Encounter by Joe Lovano is an album with George Mraz, Paul Motian and Hank Jones, released on May 10, 2005. >>

I’m All For You by Joe Lovano is a ballads album (featuring Hank Jones, George Mraz and Paul Motian) released on May 4, 2004. >>

Released on September 25, 2015, Past Present is an album by John Scofield with Bill Stewart, Joe Lovano and Larry Grenadier >>


[2000] Joe Lovano and his Nonet with John Hicks on piano and Lewis Nash on drums, perform at the New Morning in Paris >> 11 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1999] Michael Brecker, David Liebman and Joe Lovano with Phil Markowitz (p), Rufus Reid (b) and Billy Hart (d) are at Birdland in New-York City for the Saxophone Summit. >> 49 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2015] John Scofield (g), Joe Lovano (s), Ben Street (b) and Bill Stewart (d) will share the stage at Leverkusener Jazztage Forum in Leverkusen, Germany >> 60 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2012] the Sound Prints Quintet – that is Joe Lovano (s), Dave Douglas (tp); Lawrence Fields (p), Linda Oh (upright b) and Joey Baron (d) will be on stage at Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazz Festival in Spain >> 61 MINUTES >>

[2014] Sound Prints – that is Joe Lovano (ts), Dave Douglas (tp), Lawrence Fields (p), Linda Oh (b) and Joey Baron (d) – present their new album at TSRI in San Diego, CA >> 24 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2009] Joe Lovano and Us Five – that is James Weidman (p), Esperanza Spalding (b), Francisco Mela (d), Otis Brown (d) – are at Jazzaldia in Donosti, San Sebastian, Spain >> 71 MINUTES >>

[1990] the John Scofield Quartet – that is John Scofield (g), Joe Lovano (ts), Anthony Cox (b) and John Riley (d) – is at Festival Jazz Ost-West in Nuremberg, Germany >> 43 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1995] Paul Motian Quintet – that is Lee Konitz (s), Joe Lovano (ts), Bill Frisell (g), Marc Johnson (b) and Paul Motian (d) – is at Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy >> 24 MINUTES >>

[2015] Joe Lovano Classic Quartet will be at Blue Note in Milan, Italy >> 14 MINUTES on RVM >>


Wikipedia : This day (December 29, 1952), in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, is born Joseph Salvatore Joe Lovano an American jazz saxophonist, alto clarinetist, flautist.

Official Web Site : John Scofield: “Joe is very sonically aware – he thinks about the effect different instruments and different personalities will have. He was perfect for what I was doing – his sense of swing and his tone reminded me of the older guys, in a really positive way.”

@allmusic : While not an innovator in a macro sense, Lovano has unquestionably charted his own path. His playing contains not an ounce of glibness, but possesses in abundance the sense of spontaneity that has always characterized the music’s finest improvisers. : He started playing club dates (sometimes subbing for his dad), and Motown cover bands, eventually saving enough money from these gigs to put himself through college.

@Discogs : His dad, Tony, aka Big T, was a barber by day and a big-toned tenor player at night. “Big T,” along with his brothers Nick and Joe, other tenor players, and Carl, a bebop trumpeter, made sure Joe’s exposure to Jazz and the saxophone were early and constant.