John McLaughlin’s ‘Extrapolation’

John McLaughlin’s ‘Extrapolation’ is his debut album recorded on January 18, 1969 and released In 1969 by Marmalade Records.

Track Listing : 1.Extrapolation (John Mclaughlin) – 02:57 . 2.It’S Funny (John Mclaughlin) – 04:25 . 3.Arjen’S Bag (John Mclaughlin) – 04:25 . 4.Pete The Poet (John Mclaughlin) – 05:00 . 5.This Is For Us To Share (John Mclaughlin) – 03:30 . 6.Spectrum (John Mclaughlin) – 02:45 . 7.Binky’S Beam (John Mclaughlin) – 07:05 . 8.Really You Know (John Mclaughlin) – 04:25 . 9.Two For Two (John Mclaughlin) – 03:35 . 10.Peace Piece (John Mclaughlin) – 01:50

Musicians : John Mclaughlin – Guitar . Brian Odgers – Bass . Tony Oxley – Drums . John Surman – Baritone And Soprano Saxophones

Production : Produced By Giorgio Gomelsky Eddy Offord – Engineer

Package : Howard Mandel – Liner Notes

Recorded On January 18, 1969 At Advision Studios In London.

Released In 1969 By Marmalade Records.

John McLaughlin


All About Jazz
This quartet blazes through McLaughlin’s JAZZ-blues-rock compositions and forms a hodge-podge of restless rhythms and irresistible hooks. […]
The guitarist’s characteristic rushes of notes, effective use of spaceand richly chorded passages were to be among his trademarks from here on out. Surman’s swaggering baritone with its thick, rough-edged tone makes quite an impression as well. […]
Free jazz influences are heard throughout Surman’s sax playingand McLaughlin’s guitar style isn’t safe either. But there’s nothing on Extrapolation I would really call free jazz all through, it’s in the edge I’d say, so fans of John and of post-bop can handle this album easily. […]


John McLaughlin’s ‘Extrapolation’



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