Jose James’ ‘No Beginning No End’

Jose James’ ‘No Beginning No End’ is his third solo album released on January 22, 2013 by Blue Note.

Track Listing : 1.It’S All Over Your Body (Fin Greenall, José James) – 05:29 . 2.Sword + Gun (José James) – 04:59 . 3.Trouble (Scott Jacoby, José James) – 03:28 . 4.Vanguard (Robert Glasper, José James) – 04:57 . 5.Come To My Door (José James) – 05:06 . 6.Heaven On The Ground (José James) – 04:09 . 7.Do You Feel (José James) – 07:36 . 8.Make It Right (José James) – 05:13 . 9.Bird Of Space (José James) – 08:37 . 10.No Beginning No End (Fin Greenall, José James) – 05:36 . 11.Tomorrow (Joseph “”Amp”” Fiddler, José James) – 05:23 . 12.Come To My Door (José James) – 04:38

Musicians : José James – Vocals . Hindi Zahra – Vocals On (2) . Emily King – Vocals On (6 -12)

Production : Produced By José James, Pino Palladino, Brian Bender . José James, Takuya Kuroda, Jules Buckley . Florian Moncharte – Engineer . Russell Elevado – Engineer . Matt Foster – Engineer . Brian Bender – Engineer, Mixing . Tom Coyne – Mastering

Arrangements : José James, Takuya Kuroda, Jules Buckley

Package : Hayden Miller – Art Direction . Phillip Angert – Photography . Janette Beckman – Photography

Recorded 2012 At The Magic Shop, Studio Soyuz, The Garden, The Motherbrain, Systems Two.

Released On January 22, 2013 By Blue Note.

Jose James


There is a lot of D’Angelo in José James with whom he shares bassist Pino Palladino (who famously helped construct neosoul gems like D’Angelo’s Voodoo as well as Erykah Badu’s Mama’s Gun) . But With previous releases, he’s earned his heroic acclaim in the tough, tried-and-trusted lanes of contemporary jazz. With No Beginning No End, he’s built his own road out. […]

The dozen songs on offer here continually contrast aspects of James’ seemingly limitless musical persona: from funky neo-soul to elegant balladry to adventurous pop and R&B. […]

James refines his sound on this Blue Note debut, with impressive results.While there’s no denying his iridescent voice, the soundtrack enhances the album’s vigour and solidifies its wistful mood. A track like Trouble, with its rising horn fills and light organs, is bolstered by the evocative instrumental. […]


Jose James’ ‘No Beginning No End’