Joss Stone’s ‘Water for Your Soul’

Joss Stone’s ‘Water for Your Soul’ is her seventh studio album released on July 31, 2015 by Stone’D.


Track Listing : 1.Love Me (Joss Stone) – 05:06 . 2.This Ain’T Love (Joss Stone) – 04:28 . 3.Stuck On You (Joss Stone) – 04:18 . 4.Star (Joss Stone) – 05:07 . 5.Let Me Breathe (Joss Stone) – 05:15 . 6.Cut The Line (Joss Stone) – 04:06 . 7.Wake Up Stone (Damian Marley, Jonathan Shorten, Conner Reeves) – 04:44 . 8.Way Oh (Joss Stone) – 05:49 . 9.Underworld (Joss Stone) – 04:08 . 10.Molly Town (Joss Stone) – 03:34 . 11.Sensimilla (Joss Stone) – 04:17 . 12.Harry’S Symphony (Barrington Levy, Calvin George Scott, Matthew Mcanuff, Ian Lewis) – 03:54 . 13.Clean Water (Joss Stone) – 04:30 . 14.The Answer (Joss Stone, Jonathan Shorten, Dennis Bovell) – 04:46

Musicians : Joss Stone – Vocals . Damian Marley – Vocals On (7)

Production : Produced By Steve Greenwell, Damian Marley, Conner Reeves, Jonathan Shorten, Joss Stone

Recorded 2012–2015.

Released On July 31, 2015 By Stone’D.

 Joss Stone


Pop Crush
Here, she doesn’t seek to merge her talents with an existing concept; she forfeits her skill completely in an attempt to duplicate reggae novelty. She suffers for it, and the result is undersalted and underwhelming. […]

Paste Magazine
But it’s “The Answer,” closing the project with a dervish whirl, bowed string instruments and syncopation, that provides both the fury of the questions that plague society, as well as and the resolution of surrender as an answer. […]

Stone knows she’s led a charmed life, from small-town teenager to overnight star surrounded by music royalty — and since she’s from England, some actual royalty, too. […]


Joss Stone’s ‘Water for Your Soul’