Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s ‘Ledbetter Heights’

Kenny Wayne Shepherd‘s ‘Ledbetter Heights’ is his debut album (at 17 years old), released on September 19, 1995 by Giant Records.


Track listing : 1.Born With a Broken Heart (Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Danny Tate) – 05:56 . 2.Déjà Voodoo (Mark Selby, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Tia Sillers) – 06:09 . 3.Aberdeen (Bukka White) – 04:15 . 4.Shame, Shame, Shame (Joe Nadeau, Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 06:05 . 5.One Foot on the Path (Mark Selby, Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 03:49 . 6.Everybody Gets the Blues (Angel Michael) – 05:58 . 7.While We Cry (Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 06:17 . 8.I’m Leaving You (Commit a Crime) (Howlin’ Wolf) – 04:16 . 9.(Let Me Up) I’ve Had Enough (Joe Nadeau, Mark Selby, Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 02:43 . 10.Riverside (Kevin Bowe) – 03:46 . 11.What’s Goin’ Down (Joe Nadeau, Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 05:30 . 12.Ledbetter Heights (Kenny Wayne Shepherd) – 06:11 .

Musicians : Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Guitar [Lead], Vocals . Corey Sterling – Lead Vocals . Will Ainsworth – Bass . Kevin Smith – Drums . Joe Nadeau – Guitar [Rhythm] . Jimmy Wallace – Keyboards, Percussion .

Production Produced by Kenny Wayne Shepherd, David Z. James “Left Of” Senter – Engineer . Tom Lord-Alge – Mixing . Bob Ludwig – Mastering .

Recorded 1994–1995 .

Released on September 19, 1995 by Giant Records.

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Many people regard this as his best release and, outside of “10 Days Out”, I would be inclined to agree. While dismissed by the critics as a young gun protege’ with lots of style but no soul, the fans took to it without issue. […]

It may still be a while before he says something original, but he plays with style, energyand dedication, which is more than enough for a debut album. […]

Al_Lien @ RateYourMusic
As much as I like Shepherd’s playing, though, it’s rather sad that this white-boy with no dues paid outsells 100s of people who’ve played the blues after having lived them. […]


Kenny Wayne Shepherd‘s ‘Ledbetter Heights’



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