Kenyan Guitar Licks

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AfroCubanLatinJazz : Eric Wainaina (born 28 August 1973) is a Kenyan Kora Award-winning singer-songwriter whose career was launched with his debut album, Sawa Sawa, in 2001. Wainaina’s music is a blend of Kenyan Benga rhythm and East African guitars, with some modern harmony.

Likembe : In 1985, President Daniel Arap Moi ordered the expulsion of foreign workers, including musicians, from Kenya, and the Congolese/Zairean musical community there scattered to the four winds.

Music of Kenya on Wikipedia : Beginning in about 1952, recordings from legendary Congolese guitarists like Edouard Massengo and Jean-Bosco Mwenda were available in Kenya. Bosco’s technique of picking with the thumb and forefinger (finger-style) became popular. Finger-style music is swift and usually based around small groups, in which the second guitar follows the first with syncopated bass rhythms. This style of music became extremely popular later in the decade.

Music For Maniacs : The late, great guitarist Daniel Owino Misiani is responsible for one of my favorite African albums. Misiani’s “benga” style does indeed favor the soukous influence that swept African music in the ’80s and ’90s, but he puts a brilliantly unique Swahili spin on it.

Zero G Sound : The Victoria Kings are one of the pioneers of Benga… The group started in the early 70s with Ochieng Nelly as bandleader and was soon joined by long-time musical partner Collela Mazee.

What’s in my iPod? : Now that Kenyan music is a firmly-established genre we see it shading off into distinct Benga, Luo and Swahili styles, and there is the pervasive influence of Soukous.

The Standard : Daniel Kamau, popularly known as DK, proudly clings to the title of pioneer of Kikuyu benga music. At 60 and with over 1,000 songs to his credit, DK is unwilling to hang up his cherished guitar.

East African Music : Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Kakai Kilonzo had immense popularity in Kenya and East Africa for his clever songs and down to earth dance music. Kakai and group played Kenya’s benga style, but with sensibilities of their Kamba background from the area to the east of Nairobi.

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