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Ali Boulo Santo & Mandingko on MySpace : Ali was discovered by Frederic Galliano in 1999. His particularity is the mix between every aspect of Mandingue culture and a pop, modern, traditional approach. He also added a wha-wha pedal on his instrument. He sings with the same state of mind: Mandingue, Senegalese, international

World Music Central : Ballake Sissoko is the son of Jelimady Sissoko, grand master of the Manding kora, a harp with twenty-one strings whose crystalline sound has won over audiences world-wide. With his ?big brother? Toumani Diabate, the son of Sidiki Diabate, another illustrious figure of the jeli (oral historians and musicians) tradition, Ballake is considered one of the best kora players of the new generation.

Rock Paper Scissors : While on his musical mecca to Africa, Jayme Stone rarely let locals know of his accolades and burgeoning recording career in North America. He went to immerse himself in the high-spirited soundscapes, the daily life and lore of Africa.

Mali Music : Auteur compositeur, Sékou Kouyaté est originaire de Koulikoro, 2e région administrative du Mali. Koulikoro, ville légendaire et cité historique parce que, selon la légende, Soumangorou Kanté, le roi du Sosso aurait disparut dans les grottes de Koulikoro).

Cora Connection : The arts of playing, singing, and reciting history are passed from one generation to the next. Here, grandfather Sidiki Diabate teaches his son Toumani and grandson Mamadou a new song. Diabaté (spelled Jobarteh in Anglophone countries) is a common griot family name.

Toumani Diabate on MySpace : A child prodigy, Toumani began playing the kora at the age of five, and at that time, the Malian Government was engaged in an active programme of encouraging regional ensembles to represent local traditions. Toumani was recruited to the ensemble from Koulikoro (some 60 kms east of Bamako) with whom he made his public debut at the age of 13 to great local acclaim.

GlobalVillageIdiot : “Walking down the street and hearing yourself on the radio was really something,” Vieux Diop recalled. But he had to keep his fame hidden from his father, who disapproved of Diop’s musical career. It reached the point where “we were on TV playing, and I had to hide my face. I knew if my father saw me, he was going to get me! And he did.”

Wikipedia : Adé Bantu released “Fuji Satisfaction” an eclectic mix of Fuji, hiphop, Dancehall, Afrofunk and Afrobeat that featured Nigerian Fuji singer Adewale Ayuba in 2005. It won critical acclaim and the Kora Awards as “Best Group West Africa” and “Best Group Africa” 2005.

Korists : PLKOa-V2biaa1jISav0DZqJUKQeyMDjpAg

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