Tal Farlow and Lenny Breau record their unique collaboration album : ‘Chance Meeting’ (1980)

‘Chance Meeting’ by Tal Farlow & Lenny Breau is their first and only performance together recorded on May 21, 1980 and released in 1997 by Guitarchives.

Track Listing : 1.I Love You (Cole Porter) – 05:24 . 2.Satin Doll (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Johnny Mercer) – 07:03 . 3.My Funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart) – 08:40 . 4.All The Things You Are (Oscar Hammerstein Ii, Jerome Kern) – 011:33 . 5.Conversation (Tal Farlow, Lenny Breau) – 02:34 . 6.Cherokee (Ray Noble) – 04:30 . 7.What Is This Thing Called Love? (Cole Porter) – 06:56 . 8.Broadway (Billy Bird, Teddy Mcrae, Henry J. Wood ) – 06:03 . 9.My Foolish Heart (Ned Washington, Victor Young) – 07:00

Musicians : Tal Farlow – Guitar . Lenny Breau – Guitar . Lyn Christie – Bass On (4 – 6) . Nat Garratano – Drums On (4 – 6)

Production : Produced By Tal Farlow, Lenny Breau John Dildine – Engineer

Recorded On May 21, 1980 At The Sign Of The Times, Rumson, Nj.

Released In 1997 By Guitarchives.

(Source ‘Chance Meeting’ by Tal Farlow & Lenny Breau | Lenny Breau – Offical Site)

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More than sophisticated chordal structures and harmonics, the thing that these two geniuses-a generation apart-really have in common is the music, which eloquently speaks for itself. […]

Although this was their first and only performance together, they complement one another’s playing as if they had worked as a regular duo. Breau, on his seven-string guitar, is a bundle of energy most of the time, with flurries of notes accompanied by his flawless rhythm. […]


‘Chance Meeting’ by Tal Farlow & Lenny Breau



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