Lovers, They Come And They Go

From ‘Lover Come Back To Me’ to ‘Gotta Find Me A Lover’ , we have mixed 15 ‘Jazz Singers‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Lover‘. It has Stacey Kent, Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson, Candi Staton, Erma Franklin and many more.

IMAGE : attempted break-in, window locked Photo by Janice Waltzer
INFORMATIONS Beyond his melody, jazz musicians appreciate the “Lover Come Back to Me” chord progressions, which are often used as the basis for improvisations; one example is Art Blakey’s “Quicksilver. : In all Sigmund Romberg (who co-wrote “Lover…” with Oscar Hammerstein) composed songs for nearly sixty Broadway musicals. Romberg was often accused of borrowing themes from classic compositions; (if anyone can spot a similitude between “Lover…” and a classical piece leaves a note in Comments)

California Astrology Association : Incredibly, at the same time this is occurring, regardless how far away you are, (if you use the The Lover Come Back to Me! amulet) you may feel the heat from the eternal flame of the Burning Bush in this amazing good luck piece. (President Burning Bush???!!!)

Wikipedia : When Your Lover Has Gone is a 1931 composition by Einar Aaron Swan which, after being featured in the James Cagney film Blonde Crazy that same year, has become a jazz standard. The song was used in the 1991 film, The Rocketeer during the part where Neville Sinclair takes Jenny to The South Seas Club

The Big Bands Database : About this time, a serious family rupture occurred. Einar had discovered his two great loves; one was the then brand new music called Jazz, and the other love was Ann(a) “Billie” Kaufman, a beautiful young Jewish lady. His father’s anger was about both.

IMDB : Pilot Cliff “The Rocketeer” finds a rocket pack that allows man to fly. Bad guy Neville Sinclair also wants the rocket pack to give to the Nazis, and tries to get hold of Cliff’s girl, Jenny to trade.

PLAYLIST : Cassandra Wilson – Lover Come Back To Me (4.16) . Luciana Souza – When Your Lover Has Gone (4.58) . Dinah Washington – Kiss And Run Lover (2.24) . Camille – Song For Old Lovers (4.53) . Blossom Dearie – Sweet Lover No More (2.13) . Candi Staton – Wanted Lover (2.29) . The Lost Fingers – Part-Time Lover (3.44) . Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – Lover’s Holiday (2.36) . Stacey Kent – Postcard Lovers (6.06) . Bugge Wesseltoft & Sidsel Endr – Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover (4.52) . Clyde Mcphatter – Lover Please (1.54) . Ruby Murray – Let Me Go Lover (2.30) . Erma Franklin – Gotta Find Me A Lover (2.05) . Michel Legrand – Old Lovers Never Die (2.31) . The Pepper Pots – Train To Your Lover (3.10) .


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