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CyberGnawas : The Gnawa are being transformed by this new Global era just as we in the West are being transformed by it. A short essay by Robert Palmer, featured in the Dar Gnawa site perfectly illustrates this moment in time. In his essay Palmer talks about the need of the Gnawa not just to communicate with the North but also to return to their African roots. This is a fascinating point for it puts in context a chain of relationships.

Hassan Hakmoun : The night before, he had met composer Richard Horowitz, who came to his aid with a place to stay and a gig at a Moroccan restaurant on Bleecker Street. That night established the seeds of many years to come.

Festival Gnaoua et Musique du Monde d’ Essaouira : Raised by a Gnawi nurse, Maâlem Abdelkébir Merchane is the only Gnawi in his family, which is of Arabic origin. He has participated in Lilas since childhood. His masters, El Ayachi Bakbou and Mohamed Sam initiated him to the “tagnaouite” tradition.

Hassan Boussou on MySpace : Hassan Boussou, was born in Casablanca, and was grown by his dad in the respect of the Gnawa traditions. His dad was a Maâlem (Master) Hmida Boussou, with whom he toured many times in Europe since 1990. He distinguishes himself in Europe, following his successfull numerous work shops in Belgium.

L’Artiste H’mida Boussou : L’enfant H’mida aimait à patauger dans l’eau, sa tante l’affubla alors du sobriquet “Boussou” (“poisson”, en langue gnaoui).11 faut préciser qu’elle était une ârifa, c’est-à-dire l’assistante d’un moqadem, à Dar Ba Mekki, à Marrakech. : Abdelmajid Bekkas was born and still lives in Salé, Morocco. He studied classical guitar and oud at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Rabat and learnt Gnawa music through the teachings of the master Ba Houmane. : The first surviving child of the late Gnawa musician Boubker Gania, Mahmoud Gania comes from a renowned family. Hismother was the famous clairvoyant Aicha Qabral. His sister Zayda leads a band of Sufi women called The Haddarate ofEssaouira.

Wikipedia : Hamid El Kasri is these days living in Rabat, but his origins are in the northern town Ksar El Kbir, thus the nickname Kasri (i.e. the one from Ksar). He is one of the biggest stars on stage and is particularly renowned in Morocco for his great voice. In his youth Maâllem Hamid was much associated with the gnawa scene in Tangier and masters like Abdelwahab “Stitou”.

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