Mahavishnu Orchestra’s “Between Nothingness and Eternity”

Mahavishnu Orchestra’s “Between Nothingness and Eternity” is their first live (and the last with the original line-up) album recorded on August 17–18, 1973 in Central Park, New York.


Track listing : 1.Trilogy: Sunlit Path/La Mere de la Mer/Tomorrow’s Story Not the Same (John McLaughlin)– 12:01 . 2.Sister Andrea (Jan Hammer) – 08:22 . 3.Dream (John McLaughlin) – 21:24 .

Musicians : John McLaughlin – Guitar . Jan Hammer – Keyboards, Organ, Fender Rhodes . Jerry Goodman – Violin . Rick Laird – Bass . Billy Cobham – Percussion . Sri Chinmoy – Poetry .

Production Produced by John McLaughlin . Dinky Dawson – Live Mixing .

Packaging : Helmut K. Wimmer – Artwork .

Recorded August 17–18, 1973 at the Schaefer Music Festival in Central Park, New York .

Released in November 1973 by C.B.S.

Mahavishnu Orchestra


All About Jazz.
Disappointingly, this recording does not fully capture that experience. Despite that failing, the album remains a powerhouse of a recording and is a fitting testament to the driving force that was the original Mahavishnu Orchestra. […]

Tentative Reviews
Between Nothingness And Eternity is the sort of album that fits equally well with analytical listening and sonic enrapture. Those who can fit in both should be doubly rewarded. Newer Mahavishnu fans should buy the studio albums first, but this is still highly recommended. […]
Like most ‘abstract’ Jazz, the music actually becomes more lucid when you simply lose yourself in its splendor and magnetism. Because if you spend the whole time trying to figure it out while listening along, you completely miss out on the magic. […]


Mahavishnu Orchestra’s “Between Nothingness and Eternity” M