Men Play Before

From ‘Before We Were Born’ to ‘One Last Cry Before I Say’ , we have mixed 15 ‘Jazz, Blues and More‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Before‘. It has Ken Navaro, Keith Jarrett, Yusel Lateef, Mike Stern and many more.

IMAGE : outtake 265 Photo by Hank Ashby

Bill Frisell: “I like to have fun when I play and I like comedy – but it’s not a conscious thing. I’m basically a pretty shy person and I don’t dance or get into fights. But there are all these things inside me that get out when I perform. It’s like a real world when I play, where I can do all the things I can’t do in real life.”

IndieJazz : Clarinetist Ben Goldberg is a member of Tin Hat (formerly Tin Hat Trio). His new CD The door, the hat, the chair, the fact is a loving tribute to the late, great saxophonist Steve Lacy, a longtime mentor of Goldberg’s. This inspired work of art also features Tin Hat violinist Carla Kihlstedt.

Ken Navaro : Ken’s 1995 album, Brighter Days, was voted the #9 album of the year by Smooth Jazz radio. Brighter Days heralded a bold step forward for Ken, bringing to the forefront the strong R&B elements that have always been a part of his music, and enlisting a powerhouse of support from featured solo artists including former Rippingtons sax man Brandon Fields.

Jaspects on MySpace : Born during the hip-hop movement, Jaspects integrates their youthful skill to progress music and build a bridge between musical genres. Formally trained alumni of Morehouse College’s music department, Jaspects’ goal is to produce an exhaustive musical experience that involves TRUE freedom of expression via musical and lyrical creativity

Joe Blow the Sample King : Lee Oskar’s solo career got off to an enjoyable start with this self-titled collection of pop-jazz and instrumental pop/RB. From this point on, the Danish-born harmonica player had two careers: member of War and solo artist. It’s a good thing that Oskar chose to remain in the highly successful War, for his instrumental solo albums were on the esoteric side and lacked War’s commercial appeal.

Zimbo Trio on Wikipedia : An exponent of the paulista current of Bossa Nova, they have relied heavily on Godoy’s academic-schooled, brilliant playing style. After their debut in 1965, the Trio traveled extensively throughout the Americas and Europe. In 1965 they were appointed as permanent performers in the TV Record station’s program Fino da Bossa, presented by Elis Regina and Jair Rodrigues, dedicated to the fostering of novel musical talents.

Nick Colionne : One of most compelling headliners in urban jazz, the supremely stylish performer (whose crisply tailored, colorful outfits have earned him raves as the “best dressed man in jazz” as well as a clothing endorsement from prestigious men’s clothier Stacy Adams) has kept up a breakneck schedule of over 100 live dates a year while whipping audiences into a frenzy with his bluesy jamming, heartfelt singing (his soulful take on “Rainy Night In Georgia” is a long time fan favorite), blazing jazz licks and—harkening back to the first professional gig he ever did at 15—even a hint of heavy metal.

The Django Reinhardt Swing Page : Bireli Lagrene was born a Sinti Gypsy on September 4th 1966 in the border region between France and Germany known commonly as the Alsace. He still lives in a caravan, unlike many of his contemporaries.

PLAYLIST : Bill Frisell – Before We Were Born (6.36) . Lee Oscar – Before The Rain (7.50) . Mike Stern – Before You Go (5.31) . Biréli Lagrène – Before You Go (5.29) . Return To Forever – Where Have I Known You Before (2.20) . Zimbo Trio – Nada Sera Como Antes (3.21) . Bill Evans – The Dolphin Before (3.01) . Chick Corea & Origin – Before Your Eyes (5.38) . Ken Navaro – Just Before The Dawn (2.18) . Yusel Lateef – Before Dawn (5.30) . Ben Goldberg – I Before E Before I (5.15) . Harry James & his Orchestra – I’ve Heard That Song Before (1.59) . Keith Jarrett – Somewhere Before (6.43) . Hank Mobley – I See Your Face Before Me (5.29) . Jaspects – One Last Cry Before I Say (2.01) .


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