Some things never change. Michael Franks’ jazz meets brazilian music and “naive” lyrics never change. C’est ainsi!

Michael Franks‘ s ‘The Music In My Head’ is his eighteenth studio album featuring among other musicians / producers Scott Petito, guitarists Chuck Loeb & David Spinozza, pianists Rachel Z & Gil Goldstein, bassist Jimmy Haslip and released on June 8, 2018 by Shanachie.


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Michael Franks


Soul Tracks
Say we don’t want to catch the flu” with the confession that “Love’s still my drug of choice” is charming in its directness […]

It’s a whispery tale of the journey from raindrop to waterfall. […]

old farts like myself would be forever content to cue up Art of Tea on the turntable […]


Michael Franks – The Music In My Head


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