Mike Stern’s ‘These Times’

Mike Stern‘s ‘These Times’ is an album recorded with Richard Bona, Vinnie Colaiuta and Kenny Garrett and released on January 13, 2004 by ESC Records.

Track Listing : 1.Chatter (Mike Stern) – 06:11 . 2.Silver Lining (Mike Stern) – 06:37 . 3.I Know You (Mike Stern) – 05:07 . 4.Mirage (Mike Stern) – 06:47 . 5.If Only (Richard Bona, Mike Stern) – 05:31 . 6.Street Rhyme (Mike Stern) – 06:39 . 7.Avenue B (Mike Stern) – 06:14 . 8.Remember (Mike Stern) – 06:04 . 9.These Times (Mike Stern) – 08:14 . 10.What You Believe (Mike Stern) – 06:47 . 11.Last One Down (Mike Stern) – 05:33

Musicians : Richard Bona – Bass On (2 – 5) . Béla Fleck – Banjo On (3) . Kenny Garrett – Saxophone . Will Lee – Bass On (4 – 6) . Elizabeth Kontomanou – Vocals On (6) . Bob Malach – Saxophone On (6) . Bob Franceschini – Saxophone On (8) . Arto Tunçboyaciyan – Percussion On (4) . Victor Wooten – Bass On (11)

Production : Produced By Jim Beard

Recorded 2003.

Released On January 13, 2004 By Esc Records.

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Mike Stern


The Graham Weekly Album Review
Mike Stern‘s brand of multi-faceted, often energetic fusion is also music that gets lumped into the “contemporary jazz” charts, but it is light years from the saccharine department store background music that gets called “smooth jazz.” While this brand of energetic, musically substantial jazz-rock fusion has evolved since its start in the 1970s, Mike Stern and his colleagues remain true to the principles, while making satisfying new music. […]

These Times suggests that while the backbeat can be liberating, it can also be limitingand Stern’s quest to address this has produced, if not a rounded statement, then an album that does not lack in musical curiosity and ingenuity. […]

The combination of variety and sameness isn’t right, far too evenly balanced, though what’s played is invariably played well. Certainly some readers will wonder what I’m going on aboutand will go for a showcase of Mike Stern. […]


Mike Stern‘s ‘These Times’



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