Miles Davis’ ‘Pangaea’

Miles Davis‘ ‘Pangaea’ is a live double album recorded in the evening of February 1, 1975 in Osaka, Japan and released in August 1975 By CBS/Sony.

Track Listing : 1.Zimbabwe (Miles Davis) – 41:48 . 2.Gondwana (Miles Davis) – 46:50

Musicians : Miles Davis – Organ, Trumpet . Pete Cosey – Guitar, Percussion, Synthesizer . Sonny Fortune – Alto Saxophone, Flute, Soprano Saxophone . Al Foster – Drums . Reggie Lucas – Guitar . Michael Henderson – Bass . James Mtume – Congas, Percussion, Rhythm Box, Water Drum

Production : Produced By Teo Macero Takaaki Amano – Assistant Engineer . Mitsuru Kasai – Assistant Engineer . Tamoo Suzuki – Engineer

Package : Kevin Whitehead – Liner Notes

Recorded On February 1, 1975 At Festival Hall In Osaka, Japan.

Released In August 1975 By Cbs/Sony.

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Miles Davis

Pangaea is a truly massive album. And yet it features only two tracks, both of which are over fourty minutes long. In some ways it’s difficult enough to listen to it on CD or vinyl, but the idea that an audience could sit through it is mesmerizing. […]

mofoking @ RateYourMusic
We can’t really blame Miles for the fact there is nothing going on here. At the rare moments the band starts to cook they have to stop because someone’s guitar or keyboard sounds like ass. […]

More drums!” If there is anything that’s consistent in this free-for-all, as everybody interacts with everyone else in an almighty dirty groove & roll while improv is at an all-time high, it’s the rhythmic, or should we emphasize “polyrhythmic,” invention. Mtume and Foster are monstrous in moving this murky jam session along […]


Miles Davis‘ ‘Pangaea’ M



Miles Davis  -  Last Miles
Miles Davis – Kind of Blue
Miles Davis – Big Fun
Miles Davis - Tutu
Miles Davis – Someday My <a href="">Prince</a> Will Come’ width=’190′ height=’161’/></a></div>
<div class=Miles Davis - Jack Johnson
Miles Davis - My Funny Valentine
Miles Davis  - Milestones
Miles Davis -  Star People
Miles Davis - Aura
Miles Davis - Ascenseur pour léchafaud
Miles Davis - Get Up with It
Miles Davis -  Live - Evil
Miles Davis - E.S.P.
Miles Davis - Miles Smiles
Miles Davis - Youre Under Arrest
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
Miles Davis - Miles & Quincy Live at Montreux
Miles Davis - In a Silent Way
Miles Davis - In Europe
Miles Davis - Porgy and Bess
Miles Davis - We Want Miles
Miles Davis - Doo-Bop
Miles Davis - Decoy
Miles Davis at Fillmore
Miles Davis - Round About Midnight
Miles Davis – Amandla
Miles Davis – Seven Steps to Heaven
Miles Davis – Miles Ahead
Miles Davis – Walkin’
Miles  Davis - On the Corner
Miles Davis - Sorcerer
Miles Davis - Filles de Kilimanjaro
Miles Davis - Nefertiti
Miles Davis - Blue Moods
Miles Davis - Miles in the Sky
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Miles Davis - Live at the 1963 Monterey Jazz Festival
Miles Davis - In Concert: Live At Philharmonic Hall
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CookinMiles Davis Quintet ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
RelaxinMiles Davis Quintet ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
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Miles Davis - Birth of the Cool
Miles Davis - Dark Magus
Miles Davis - Dark Magus
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