Miles Davis records ‘Tutu’ in tribute to Desmond Tutu (1986)

Miles Davis‘ ‘Tutu’ is an album (in tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu) recorded on March 25, 1986 and released in December 1986 By Warner Bros.

Track Listing : 1.Tutu (Marcus Miller) – 05:15 . 2.Tomaas (Miles Davis, Marcus Miller) – 05:38 . 3.Portia (Marcus Miller) – 06:18 . 4.Splatch (Marcus Miller) – 04:46 . 5.Backyard Ritual(George Duke) -4:49 . 6.Perfect Way (David Gamson, Green Gartside) – 04:35 . 7.Don’T Lose Your Mind (Marcus Miller) – 05:49 . 8.Full Nelson (Marcus Miller) – 05:06

Musicians : Miles Davis – Trumpet . Marcus Miller – Bass Guitars, Guitar, Synthesizers, Drum Machine Programming, Bass Clarinet, Soprano Sax, … . Jason Miles – Synthesizer Programming . Paulinho Da Costa – Percussion On (1 – 3 – 4 – 5) . Adam Holzman – Synthesizer Solo On (4) . Steve Reid – Additional Percussion On (4) . George Duke – All Except Percussion, Bass Guitarand Trumpet On (5) . Omar Hakim – Drums And Percussion On (2) . Bernard Wright – Additional Synthesizers On (2 – 7) . Michal Urbaniak – Electric Violin On (7) . Jabali Billy Hart – Drums, Bongos

Production : Produced By Marcus Miller, Tommy Lipuma . Eric Calvi – Engineer, Mixing . Peter Doell – Engineer . Eddie Garcia – Engineer . Mitch Gibson – Engineer . Bob Ludwig – Mastering . Doug Sax – Mastering . Bill Schnee – Mixing, Surround Sound . Maurice Thompson – Engineer . Erik Zobler – Engineer, Mixing

Package : Eiko Ishioka – Art Direction . Irving Penn – Photography . John Quinn – Graphic Design

Recorded Between February 6 – March 25, 1986 At New York City And Los Angeles.

Released In December 1986 By Warner Bros..

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Miles Davis


Marcus Miller brought more crystalline harmonic subtleties to the table. Combined with Davis’ brooding brass whispers, the result was a work of engrossingly fraught atmospheres. And great tunes. None are light. Some are positively heavy. […]

The Second Disc
Tutu was very much a product of its time, emphasizing mid-1980s R&B textures and utilizing synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines. Although controversial at the time of its release, Tutu has been recognized of late as somewhat of a Davis classic. […]

Rate Your Music
It literally sounds like the Seinfeld theme tune repeated for 45 minutes! It has that generic, dated, horrible cheesy 80s sound. Synthesisers and cheesy slap bass dominate this album. Even those horn blasts are way too smooth to possibly like. Horrible guitar sound, it’s way too clean and shiny too. Smooth easy listening jazz that isn’t even fit for the dinner table. I hate to say it, but Miles stepped into Kenny G territory for this album! […]


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Miles in Concert

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