Opposites Attract

From ‘Body And Soul’ to ‘Truth And Lies’ , we have mixed 15 ‘Jazz With a Slice Of Latin‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Oppositions‘. It has Chick Corea, Morgana King, Lee Morgan & Wayne Shorter, Peruchin and many more.

IMAGE : polar opposites Photo by Lisa H

Susana Baca: For decades, Grammy Award winner Susana Baca has represented Peruvian music to the world. Here, Susana gives voice to her life-long immersion in the music of the African Diaspora. The songs of African descendants in Cuba, Argentina, New Orleans, and across the world… the rhythms of forro, cumbia, tango… Afrodiaspora is a travelog that spans centuries and continents through the voice of one of the world’s most celebrated singers. “Susana Baca is one of the great voices of modern Peru. She’s taken the country’s Afro-Peruvian musical heritage to stages and airwaves around the world, becoming a key figure in reviving a culture that had been largely ignored within its country.”

Lee Morgan @hardbop : After more than a decade during which the jazz world has been inundated by teenage and even a few preteen “young lions,” it may be difficult to appreciate the sensation that Lee Morgan created in 1956. Today we tend to shrug when another 18-year-old phenomenon steps forward (usually with a recording contract from one of the major labels); but teenage trumpeters with any level of facility were less common when Lee Morgan was 18, not to mention teenage trumpeters advanced enough to not only sit in the trumpet section of Dizzy Gillespie’s big band but also to assume solo duties on Gillespie’s signature piece, A Night In Tunisia.

Raphael Gualazzi : Raphael Gualazzi was born in Urbino on 11th November, 1981. After studying pianoforte at the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, where he focussed on classical composers, he extended his musical research to include Jazz, Blues and Fusion, collaborating with qualified artists of the sector and becoming known for his unique vocal and instrumental qualities.

Brian Auger : Grammy-nominated artist Brian Auger is a jazz and rock keyboardist who specializes in playing the Hammond organ. A jazz pianist, bandleader, sesion musician and Hammond B3 player, Auger has played or toured with artists such as Rod Stewart, Tony WIlliams, Jimi Hendrix, Sony Boy WIlliamson, Led Zeppelin, Eric Burdon, and others. The Trinity incorporates jazz, early British pop, R&B, soul, and rock.

Freddy @ Wikipedia : Fredesvinda García Valdés, known always as Freddy, (Camagüey 1935 – San Juan, Puerto Rico, 31 July 1961) was a Cuban female singer She sang a cappella in clubs in Havana and recorded only one album before her death from a heart attack. Her weight (she was over 300 lbs) gave a very distinctive, androgynous sound to her voice. She was, almost entirely, a singer of boleros and canciones.

Los Hermanos Martanez Gil : Hijos de don Pablo Martinez Guerra y de doña Rosario Gil Barradas, Carlos Martìnez Gil nace en Misantla Veracruz un 8 de octubre de 1907 y su hermano Pablo el 24 de enero de 1910. Eminente abogado y pianista, don Pablo Mtz Guerra queria que sus hijos estudiaran ciertos instrumentos regionales para seguir la tradicion en la familia, pero sus inclinaciones fueron hacia la musica popular, especificamente en la guitarra.

Morgana King @Wikia : Born in Pleasantville, in 1930, Morgana King is of Sicilian and Portuguese descent. Before playing Carmela Corleone in The Godfather, she was known as a jazz-singer. She has appeared in six films, including The Godfather Part II and Deadly Intentions.

Maze : “We’ve made it this far because we love and respect ourselves and our fans. But, most importantly, we believe in what we do,” remarks Frankie. The journey began when Frankie relocated from his hometown of Philadelphia to San Francisco and formed Maze. In 1976, he released his first album, Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly which yielded a string of hit singles, including “Lady of Magic” and “Workin’ Together.”

PLAYLIST : Morgana King – Body And Soul (4.04) . Chick Corea – Straight Up And Down (6.31) . Raphael Gualazzi – Reality And Fantasy (3.50) . Los Hermanos Martanez Gil – Mar Y Cielo (2.28) . Billy May – Guys And Dolls (1.26) . Lee Morgan & Wayne Shorter – Lost And Found (3.30) . Jazz Crusaders – Tortoise And The Hare (4.17) . Wilson Pickett – Fire And Water (3.13) . Maze – Joy And Pain (7.08) . Conjunto Chaney – Concavo Y Convexo (4.28) . Sonny Rollins – Kiss And Run (7.05) . Peruchin – Todo Y Nada (3.00) . Hiromi – Truth And Lies (7.10) . Al Jarreau – Heaven And Earth (4.14) . Freddy – Noche Y Dia (3.39) .