‘Song X’ by Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman

‘Song X’ by Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman is a collaborative studio free jazz album recorded on December 12–14, 1985 and released In June 1986 By Geffen.

Track Listing : 1.Song X (Ornette Coleman) – 05:38 . 2.Mob Job (Ornette Coleman) – 04:13 . 3.Endangered Species (Ornette Coleman, Pat Metheny) – 13:19 . 4.Video Games (Ornette Coleman) – 05:21 . 5.Kathelin Gray (Ornette Coleman, Pat Metheny) – 04:15 . 6.Trigonometry (Ornette Coleman, Pat Metheny) – 05:09 . 7.Song X Duo (Ornette Coleman, Pat Metheny) – 03:08 . 8.Long Time No See (Ornette Coleman) – 07:36

Musicians : Pat Metheny – Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer . Ornette Coleman – Alto Saxophone, Violin . Charlie Haden – Acoustic Bass . Jack Dejohnette – Drums . Denardo Coleman – Drums, Percussion

Production : Produced By Pat Metheny

Package : David A. Cantor – Photography . Pat Metheny – Liner Notes

Recorded On December 12–14, 1985.

Released In June 1986 By Geffen.

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The inclusion of bassist Charlie Haden ensured a jazzier, more acoustic feel, as did the addition of Jack DeJohnette alongside regular Ornette drummer Denardo Coleman (whose contributions are minimal at best and irritating at worst). […]

Robert Christgau
I’ve always regarded Metheny as a harmless, well-meaning talent whose interests are as far from mine as, I don’t know, Nino Rota’s. It was nice that he admired Ornette, but his jazz was still way too tame. Well, never mind–this collaboration is the best pure jazz album Coleman’s made since I started keeping track in the early ’70s […]

The Guardian
Metheny sounds as if he had been listening to Sonny Rollins on Police People. The calypso-driven The Good Life retains that vibe and adds some Metheny electronic samples, while Word From Bird is headlong unison bebop, stinging wonderful solos from both leaders. […]


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