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This day (September 11, 1987), in Jamaica, died Winston Hubert McIntosh a.k.a Peter Tosh, a Jamaican reggae musician.


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Legalize It . Rastafari Is . Mama Africa . Johnny B Goode . Bush Doctor (1979) . Get Up Stand Up (1979) . w/ Mick Jagger – Walk & Don T Look Back . w/ Bob Marley – Concrete Jungle (1973) .

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Peter Tosh Top 10 :

Legalize It . Get Up, Stand Up . Equal Rights . Burial . Johnny B. Goode . Why Must I Cry . Ketchy Shuby . Brand New Second Hand . No Sympathy . Bush Doctor .


Released on October 19, 1973, Burnin is the fourth album by The Wailers featuring Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. >>

Legalize It by Peter Tosh is his debut album as a solo artist, recorded in May 1976. >>

Released on October 25, 1974 , Natty Dread is an album by Bob Marley & The Wailers without former bandmates Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. >>


[1982] Peter Tosh performs at the Jamaica World Music Festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica >> 73 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1977] to fight against the civil war, Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Judy Mowatt, U-Roy, Junior Tucker join their voices One Love Peace Concert held at The National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica >> 87 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1973] The Wailers featuring Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Joe Higgs (sitting in for Bunny Wailer) plays a private concert at Capitol Records. A few days ago, Sly Stone of Sly & The Family Stone for whom they were opening since the begining of the tour, fired them unexpectedly in Las Vegas. >> 178 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1982] Peter Tosh and band – that is Darryl Thompson (g), Ed Elizalde (g), Mikey Chung (g), Robbie Shakespeare (b), Sly Dunbar (d),Robert Lynn (kb), Keith Sterling (kb)&The Tamlins (bck voc) -perform at Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland >> 81 MINUTES >>

[1972] Bob Marley & The Wailers – that is Bunny Wailer (voc, perc), Peter Tosh (g, voc), Aston Barrett (b), Carlton Barrett (d) and Earl Way Lindo (kb) – will be on stage at Edmonton Sundown near London >> 15 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1979] Peter Tosh performs at Ontario Place Forum in Toronto, Canada >> 39 MINUTES on RVM

[1978] if in Germany, you do not want to miss reggae superstar Peter Tosh at RockPop on ZDF >> 4 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1981] Peter Tosh and his band rehearse before their concert tonight at Roxy in Los Angeles >> 10 MINUTES on RVM

[1980] Peter Tosh will be at The Forum in Ontario, CA >> 50 MINUTES >>


Wikipedia : This day (September 11, 1987), in Jamaica, died Winston Hubert McIntosh a.k.a Peter Tosh, a Jamaican reggae musician.

Peter Tosh : He was the ultimate firebrand, speaking out against oppression around the world in both his songs and his public statements. He was a man who demonstrated the power of personal and artistic integrity, and pride and defiance in the face of authoritarian power.

@ The Talking Drum : Me just one time see a mon in the country play guitar and say ‘My that mon play geetar nice’. It just attract me so much that me just sat there taking it in for about a half-day and when him done-he was playin’ one tune for the whole half-day-he had hypnotized me so much that my eyes extracted everything he had done with his fingers. I picked up the guitar and played the tune he had just played with him showin’ me a t’ing.

@ : He often struggled in Jamaica with his group the Wailers (aka the Wailing Wailers – the group included Bunny Wailer and the world-renowned Bob Marley). Tosh joined them on a tour of England in 1972. This was to become his first step to world fame, as during this trip the group signed with Chris Blackwells’ Island Records.

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