Pink Floyd release their tenth album : ‘Animals’ (1977)

Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ is their tenth studio album released on January 23, 1977 by Harvest Records.

Track Listing : 1.Pigs On The Wing 1 (Roger Waters) – 01:25 . 2.Dogs (Roger Waters, David Gilmour) – 17:03 . 3.Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Roger Waters) – 11:25 . 4.Sheep (Roger Waters) – 10:25 . 5.Pigs On The Wing 2 (Roger Waters) – 01:23

Aubrey Powell / Hipgnosis

Musicians : Pink Floyd – Band . David Gilmour – Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals On (2), Rhythm And Acoustic Guitar On (2), Bass Guitar On (3) And (4), Talk Box On (3) . Nick Mason – Drums, Percussion, Tape Effects . Roger Waters – Lead And Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar On (1 – 5), Rhythm Guitar On (3 – 4), Tape Effects, Vocoder, Bass Guitar On (2) . Richard Wright – Hammond Organ, Electric Piano, Minimoog, Arp String Synthesizer, Piano, Clavinet, Harmony Vocals On (2)

Production : Produced By Pink Floyd . Brian Humphries – Engineer

Package : Howard Bartrop – Photography . Rob Brimson – Photography . Peter Christopherson – Photography . Bob Ellis – Photography . Colin Jones – Photography . Nick Mason – Artwork, . E. R. G. Amsterdam – Inflatable Pig Design . Aubrey Powell – Photography . Roger Waters – Design

Recorded April–December 1976 At Studio Britannia Row Studios, London.

Released On January 23, 1977 By Harvest / Columbia.

Pink Floyd

As an album, Animals is easily worth the mounds of hyperbolic claim that I give it; a piece of genius, and a genius that will never die. […]

Only Solitaire
For almost fourty minutes, Animals breathes nothing but pure hatred, despisal, or contempt for all of its heroes, and since there are so many ways to hate, despise, and hold in contempt, the subject never becomes boring. […]

Rolling Stone
Animals is Floyd’s attempt to deal with the realization that spacing out isn’t the answer either. There’s no exit; you get high, you come down again. That’s what Pink Floyd has done, with a thud. […]


Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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