Polar Bear – In Each and Every One

Released on March 24, 2014, In Each and Every One is the fifth album by London-based quintet Polar Bear.






Track Listing : 1.Open See (Sebastian Rochford) – 07:05 . 2.Be Free (Sebastian Rochford) – 04:31 . 3.Chotpot (Sebastian Rochford) – 05:05 . 4.They’Re All Ks And Qs Lucien (Sebastian Rochford) – 07:18 . 5.Ww (Sebastian Rochford) – 04:22 . 6.Lost In Death, Pt. 2 (Sebastian Rochford) – 04:57 . 7.Maliana (Sebastian Rochford) – 08:38 . 8.Lost In Death, Pt. 1 (Sebastian Rochford) – 06:51 . 9.Life And Life (Sebastian Rochford) – 06:41 . 10.Two Storms (Sebastian Rochford) – 03:32 . 11.Sometimes (Sebastian Rochford) – 08:15

Musicians : Polar Bear – Band . Tom Herbert – Double Bass . Leafcutter John – Electronics . Mark Lockheart – Sax (Tenor) . Sebastian Rochford – Drums . Pete Wareham – Sax (Tenor)

Production : Produced By Sebastian Rochford

Package : Craig Keenan – Artwork

Recorded 2013.

Released On March 24, 2014 By The Leaf Label.
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The use of production and electronic treatment amplifies almost all of the tracks here, creating interesting pockets of unexpected tension and menace in what would have otherwise stood as somewhat straightforward compositions.

In many ways In Each And Every One is the polar opposite (forgive the pun) of Melt Yourself Down; where that record is frenetic, chaotic, taut, hook-driven and rocky, this one is loose, strung-out, and sparse. Despite the shared personnel and heritage, the atmospheres and aims of each record feel completely different; an emotional ying to a visceral yang.

. It may prove a little off-putting for the more traditional jazz fan but this is bracing stuff that provides a cathartic satisfaction upon repeat listens.


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